2022 Mini Cooper SE Like?

2022 Mini Cooper SE Like? – To add to consumer interest, the Mini Cooper SE 2022 gets a little mid-cycle refresh that updates the car’s styling and adds new standard features. The company, however, has retained the Mini Cooper SE’s fundamentals of fun and limited reach.

The carryover powertrain features a 181-hp electric motor that drives the front wheels, and via a single-speed transmission. The Cooper SE has a rating of 110 miles from the EPA’s approximate range of the 32.6 kWh lithium-ion battery pack.

2022 Mini Cooper SE Like?

Not a few say that their driving experience for the first time using the Cooper SE was more like driving a go-kart than a car. But with an emphasis on fun over practicality and a back-thrilling ride. The aspects of the car will remain; what’s under the skin (including the powertrain) hasn’t been touched, although the Cooper SE packaging has been updated.

The change for the Cooper SE matches the rest of the Hardtop family, there are new body-colored trim pieces that cover a black impact protection blade that divides the new front grille in half. No more broad yellow accents on the front, it is replaced by a softer “S” in the same yellow color as the side mirror caps. Also missing are fog lamps, replaced by additional LED elements in the headlamps. The LED taillights add a Union Jack accent, first seen on last year’s Countryman.

Mini introduces the Collection edition car, painted blue or gray with a new multi-tone roof (in two blue colors). New wheel designs have also been added.

Inside, an 8.8-inch touchscreen is now standard with Apple CarPlay compatibility. Android Auto is still nowhere to be found. Additional standard features now include a heated steering wheel, lane departure alerts, and satellite radio.

Although all new variants of the Cooper Hardtop are going up in price, the Cooper SE did not and still starts at $ 30,750 including destination costs but does not include rebates and other savings – such as the $ 7,500 EV federal tax credit, which can make this model a bargain for less than $. 20,000 in several states. The 2022 gas variant will arrive at dealerships from mid to late April, but Mini has not set a sales date for the 2022 Cooper SE as of this writing.

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