3 Best Automatic Transmission Fluid in the World

3 Best Automatic Transmission Fluid in the World – Changing your transmission fluid regularly is an important part of keeping your car running. Getting your vehicle to a professional for this service is usually much more expensive than doing it yourself. In this guide, we will help you choose the best transmission fluid for your needs to help you do the job right.

3 Best Automatic Transmission Fluid in the World

One of the disadvantages of automatic transmissions is that they are not heat resistant. This can cause the transmission to hang and stop working. Although computer control via ECU or ECM is very good management, weaknesses such as CVT Nissan vs Honda cannot be avoided either. So, we still have to do the replacement of the transmission fluid regularly.

3 Best Automatic Transmission Fluid in the World

Castrol Transmax Dex / Merc ATF

Improved friction resistance makes this ATF our top choice if you’re looking for something (almost) universal and works well in power steering and transmission environments.
Pros – Compatible with many different vehicles that require Dexron and Mercon; large bottle size; and a good price.
Disadvantages – The labeling is confusing, stating that it is compatible only with domestic cars. That is not the case. It will work with both import and domestic if your car uses this particular type of Dex / Merc.

Synthetic ATF ACDelco Dexron VI

A synthetic automatic transmission fluid backward compatible with the Dexron III. Works in many types of automatic transmissions (but check your owner’s manual).
Pros – Engineered for increased viscosity, friction resistance and foam control, resulting in easier shifting and longer transmission life. Very affordable.
Cons – There is no label on the bottle as to what exactly it is compatible. Sold in too small 1 liter bottles, which you may have to buy up to six.

Red Line GL-4 Manual Transmission Lubricant

Our top choice for compatible manual transmission cars, these Red Line transmission oils deliver results. If you’re looking for something with a solid history of performance, this is the choice for you.
Pros – Less slippery, low sulfur formulation; optimal heat stability; great in high-performance environments; works well in old cars; and has been known to fix third tooth problems.
Cons – The formulation can work in very cold temperatures, which makes shifting more difficult for you until the gearbox warms up.

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