3 Causes of Leaking Water when the AC is On

3 Causes of Leaking Water when the AC is On – In summer conditions or the scorching heat of the afternoon sun, the air conditioning system is indeed very important. Driving without a live AC system is very uncomfortable and may interfere with the way you drive. When it rains, the air conditioner is also important so that the windshield does not condense when all the windshields are tightly closed.

3 Causes of Leaking Water when the AC is On

But sometimes AC problems arise without us realizing that it’s an AC problem. For example, there is water leaking or dripping from the car when we turn on the car AC. Well, this is why it happened. There are at least three things that cause this to happen.

First – The hose and drain pipe are clogged

The first reason your car leaks water when the ac is on is a clogged drain line. This exhaust tube is connected to the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) casing in the car AC system. Meanwhile, in the HVAC case, there are several AC components such as the evaporator, blower motor and cabin filter.

As we know, the water that drips from under the car when the AC is on is actually normal. This often happens because when the car air conditioner is working, the evaporator will condense to produce water.

The condensed water will fall to the bottom of the HVAC container and will flow into the drain tube. As such, the case is also designed to allow water to flow to the bottom and out of the drain tube.

Usually, a clogged drain is caused by dirt in the container, such as dirt or leaves. When the drainpipe is clogged, the HVAC box will fill up with water.

Otherwise, the case isn’t designed to be completely waterproof. Sometimes if excess water remains in the casing, some of it can exit the AC vents. In extreme cases, water can damage the blower motor and/or short-circuit the blower resistor.

3 Causes of Leaking Water

Second – Drain tube regardless of HVAC casing or firewall

The second reason your car leaks water when the ac is on is the drain tube is detached from the HVAC casing or the car firewall. The drain tube is connected to the drain rubber hose. One side is connected to the HVAC and the other side sticks out the vehicle through the firewall.

The easy part of the detached drain tube is located on the side that connects the HVAC and the car firewall because this location is close to the feet and can be easily unplugged and detached from the HVAC or car firewall. This open-drain tube will allow water to flow from the HVAC hole and drip into the car compartment.

Third – The HVAC case is leaking

Some car HVAC cases are designed with a groove and tongue system that does not have a sealer from the factory. This design system is quite weak if the HVAC casing is excessively distorted. If the casing becomes slightly distorted, water can flow through these seams and leak into the carpet near the drain.

In other cases, improper fitting of the HVAC case after the repair is a common reason the air conditioner leaks. Poor installation practices can present a number of problems, many of which cause water leakage through the HVAC enclosure.

Occasionally, the locking system in the HVAC enclosure is improperly installed, unsealed, and loosens over time. This allows condensation to leach water onto the carpet in the car.

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