3 Things That Make CVT Transmission Easily Damaged

3 Things That Make CVT Transmission Easily Damaged – Almost every new car being sold today uses a CVT transmission. This level of automatic acceleration is the latest technology which is a development of conventional automatic transmissions, by producing automatic gearshifts that are smoother and fuel-efficient.

Talking about the advantages, this transmission is able to shift the gear ratio indefinitely, unlike conventional automatic transmissions. In addition, the CVT can also be operated at a constant number of RPMs.

3 Things That Make CVT Transmission Easily Damaged

Just like other car transmissions, CVT must also be treated properly so that major damage does not occur. On the other hand, CVT also has complex components that must be treated gently and received attention.

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Make CVT Transmission Easily Damaged
Make CVT Transmission Easily Damaged.

Want to know what trivial things can cause a car’s CVT transmission to quickly break down? Here’s the review.

1. Shifting Teeth the Improper Way

Incorrectly operating the gear ratio at a red light or stopping can cause the CVT of the car to be damaged quickly. This habit can be risky for CVT cars that are not durable.

Like when you want to drive at a traffic light. The driver should first enter D gear, then release the handbrake. We have to start getting used to patterns like this. This is because this method can help prepare transmission performance before driving.

2. Riding the Rough Way

Avoid aggressive driving styles that can shorten the life of the CVT transmission. Unlike the AT conventional, this CVT consists of a belt and pulley. So that in stepping on the gas, we have to be more tiered in order to extend the service life.

“Often driving a car with a rough, aggressive driving style or even for racing, the CVT transmission system is very susceptible to problems,” said an expert.

Make CVT Transmission Easily Damaged
CVT transmissions must use special oils.

3. Wrong Use of Transmission Oil – Make CVT Transmission Easily Damaged

Cars with CVT transmissions use special oils that are useful for lubricating the components inside, and no longer use oil for conventional automatic engines. So, don’t be mistaken with ATF (automatic transmission fluid) oil or oil for conventional automatic transmissions.

The type of fluid and the level of viscosity between CVTF and ATF are clearly not the same. Of course, in replacement, we must do it periodically following the vehicle owner’s manual. Incorrect use of the type of oil can lead to damage.

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