4 Dirty Air Filter Risks For Your Car?

Mech4cars.com – 4 Dirty Air Filter Risks For Your Car? – What is the function of the air filter? Of course, you must already know the importance of the function of this section. But do you know what the danger is if the air filter is dirty and not maintained? In addition to damaging the engine, there are other consequences due to a dirty car air filter. For knowledge and prevention, we will discuss the consequences of being late in cleaning the filter as well as tips for cleaning the right air filter for your vehicle.

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Definition of Air Filter (4 Dirty Air Filter Risks)


4 Dirty Air Filter Risks

Air Filter is an engine component that functions to absorb micro and large dirt particles so that the air entering the engine in the combustion process is clean of pollutants. The air filter must have two conditions, namely;

  • Able to absorb as little dust as possible.
  • Has a small airflow resistance.

Filters that have a large flow resistance will hamper engine performance but have good filter power. On the other hand, a filter with a low flow resistance has a low filter capacity. To overcome this, manufacturers make air filters with a combination of several materials. Several types of filters that we commonly encounter in the automotive market include;

1. Paper base

This filter is made of special paper which is strong and not easily torn. The advantage of this type of filter is that it has a good filter capacity and we are easy to clean. So this type is the type that is most widely used as a standard car default filter. Almost all car manufacturers use this type of air filter for their new cars.

2. Wet foam

The second type has almost the same physical characteristics as paper filters. However, in this type of filter, the design has a purpose so that the airflow is not obstructed during the filtration process. To maximize filtering power, there is a layer of oil on the surface of the filter element whose function is to capture dust from the air. These filters are also called wet filters, so they are difficult to clean. Therefore, this type is usually on time and disposable.

3. Stainless steel

The third filter element is made of knitted yarn made of stainless. We call this filter a racing filter. This is because it is specifically designed to improve engine performance. However, for standard daily use, this type of filter is not appropriate, especially for cars operating in dusty areas.

4 Dirty Air Filter Risks For Your Car?

In its working principle, the incoming air due to the suction process will be blocked by the filter element. So air always passes through this element. Dust and dirt carried by the flow will be blocked by the filter element because it has particles larger than the filter pores. This dust and dirt will settle on the filter surface. The consequences can vary as follows;

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1. Reduced Engine Acceleration Ability

The first thing you will feel is the reduced engine power. You can detect it when driving a vehicle at high speed or when going uphill. The loss of energy will be very noticeable. This is because the amount of air supply to the engine is blocked by dirt deposits on the filter surface. So that the amount of air entering the engine is less. And as a result engine power will be restrained.

2. More wasteful of fuel

The second effect is also related to the first. The reason is when the engine power is reduced, then you need more time to get to your destination. When the engine runs longer than usual with the same RPM, the fuel consumption also becomes more.

3. Rough Engine Sound

In severe cases, the filter may be damaged or broken. This can happen with paper-type filters. The reason is that the filter condition is dirty but we still install it. As a result, the airflow penetrates the filter surface. If this happens, the filtering power will decrease. So that dust and dirt can easily enter the machine. The effect you feel is of course on the engine sound that is rougher than usual. This problem often occurs in diesel engines with CRDi technology.

4. Car Engine Staggered

When the air filter is no longer able to filter the air, dirt will be free to enter the engine. In the long term, the dirt that is carried away in the combustion process will settle on the main engine components. If this happens, then the performance of the engine will be disrupted, especially since the engine will feel sluggish or cramped at certain RPMs.

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Of the four consequences above, maybe you have felt or are familiar with one of the consequences above. Of course, you don’t want to, do you want your favorite car or motorbike to experience the things above? For that reason, clean the air filter regularly every 10,000 KM or less, this cleaning interval must also be adjusted to your location, whether the location has clean or dusty air.

Below are additional tips for cleaning the air filter on a motorcycle or car,

  • For filters made of paper or cotton, you can clean them by spraying them with compressed air.
  • However, for air filters made of stainless steel, you need to wash them using plain water. We can wash the filter made of cotton but it needs maximum drying before we use it again.
  • When you clean the filter by washing it, try not to take too long because it will damage the filter. Dry in an area that is not exposed to sunlight.
  • Special wet filter that we often encounter on the motor. We often find it difficult to clean it. This is because these filters are generally disposable. So that the treatment you do is only checking the physical condition of the filter whether it is still feasible or if you need to replace it.

Now you know what happens to a dirty car air filter. Therefore, so that your car or motorcycle engine lasts, be diligent in doing maintenance, especially on the air filter. If the filter condition is not proper, then you must replace it. generally, this filter can last up to 40,000 KM. You can read more in the article about which type of air filter is the best. So our discussion this time may be useful.

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