4 Easy Way to Reset Check Engine Light

4 Easy Way to Reset Check Engine Light – The check engine light comes on because your car’s computer has detected a problem in either the sensor or the actuator in engine management. It can also indicate a major or minor complication. But what is clear is that ignoring the check engine light is sure to make the problem worse. If we are unlucky it will cause costly damage and repairs. You can avoid all of that hassle if you know why the lights go on. In this case, you need to know how to reset the Check Engine Light. Come see the article below.

4 Easy Way to Reset Check Engine Light

4 Easy Way to Reset Check Engine Light


Most of the drivers feel annoyed when the red light of the Check Engine Indicator still doesn’t go out even though the error in the car has been fixed. In this case, your vehicle’s ECU is at fault and will need a little repair to fix the problem.

Turn Ignition On and Off

The first way is to turn on and turn off the car ignition. You just need to insert the key into the ignition and turn it on and off three consecutive times one second apart at each step. Once you are done, drive the car to see if the lights have been reset.

If this method doesn’t work, please proceed to the second method.

Let the Check Engine Light Off By Alone

Another way to reset a check engine light is to let it turn off on its own. This is an easy process as you have practically nothing to do except drive the vehicle as usual. The computer systems in most cars are constantly checking for problems that activate the light in the first place. If it is a minor problem such as an error in the bulk airflow or the O2 sensor or other sensors and actuators, it can be corrected automatically, and the lights will go dark. However, if it’s still staring at you after three days, you’ll need to apply the methods mentioned above to reset it.

Remove the Battery Negative Terminal

The third way is to remove the negative terminal of the battery. The method is quite easy, use a key that matches the screw on the negative terminal of the battery. Remove the terminal and leave it for 20 seconds. After that, plug the terminal back in. If you are lucky because the ECU does not store too much error data, the check engine lamp will return to normal.

Using a Scanner

The last way to turn off the check engine lamp on your car is to use an engine scanner. Too much error data on the ECU results in a manual method like I explained in the first to third way of not being able to turn off the check engine lamp that turns on your car.

Well, clear error data using a scanner engine is the last way we can do.

Then what if it’s still the same? This indicates that the machine has a problem with its management system. It could be due to faulty sensors, faulty actuators, or even the computer in your car that has a problem. If this happens, immediately take it to a repair shop for more appropriate repairs.

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