5 Causes Deteriorating Toyota CVT Transmission Performance

5 Causes Deteriorating Toyota CVT Transmission Performance – Toyota Raize – CVT transmissions have already been introduced by other manufacturers to almost all cars in their country markets. But not with Toyota. For some countries, even in Asia, Toyota has only recently installed a CVT transmission. If Honda and Nissan for example have long used CVTs in almost all of their cars, not Toyota. It’s only natural that Honda’s and even Nissan’s CVTs don’t seem as effective and Toyota looks better (because it’s new). However, we will see in the next few years. This time I will try to briefly discuss the causes that may worsen the performance of Toyota’s CVT transmission.

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5 Causes Deteriorating Toyota CVT Transmission Performance

One of Toyota’s products is Raize. This car is available in two engine options. We can get it by choosing Raize with a 1,000 CC engine with a turbo or 1,200 CC naturally aspirated. Both cars from the Japanese manufacturer have a CVT transmission, although there is a manual transmission option.

Toyota CVT Transmission Performance
Toyota CVT Transmission. Image source: YouTube

Of course, the automatic transmission option is very interesting. Because the technology that Toyota is carrying is CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission). Of course, Toyota has anticipated some of the weaknesses that other manufacturers’ CVTs have with certain treatments.

However, we still need to take care of it so that it is always in excellent condition. In this case, I try to share information about several things that can affect the performance of the Toyota -Raize CVT transmission – below.

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1. Rough Driving

What affected the performance of the first Toyota CVT transmission was rough driving. Driving patterns and styles need to adapt each transmission position to road conditions and vehicle speed. This transmission is for standard use purposes. Therefore, the use for racing purposes or the like I do not recommend. If you use this transmission by standard, it will make the transmission durable and always prime.

On the other hand, if the driver drives a Toyota car with a CVT transmission like the Toyota Raize in a rough or aggressive manner continuously, it is not impossible that the transmission sector will be damaged quickly. Toyota CVT transmission problems will also arise and replacement parts or even the entire transmission can occur at once.

2. Late Oil Change Matic

Construction and CVT transmission systems on Toyota as in the Raize have a special lubrication system. Even the part has a special lubricant. You need to replace it regularly as recommended by the Toyota manufacturer.

If not, then the impact and consequence is a decrease in the performance of the power transmission system. Always service and change CVT oil regularly to avoid Toyota CVT transmission problems.

3. Often Kick Down

When the driver needs a spontaneous acceleration or power maneuver, we usually need a kick-down trick. This trick itself is often done by stepping on the gas pedal fully and quickly so that the car gives off instant power.

Of course, if you do this often or you continue to do it, it can have a bad impact on transmission. Then do the kick down as necessary or avoid doing it if it is not necessary. Once again remember, Toyota created the CVT transmission, not for racing purposes or the like.

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4. Use of Imitation Spare Parts

Using genuine Toyota spare parts is a must if you want CVT transmission performance that is always excellent. Of course, the use of imitation CVT spare parts or components does not guarantee quality.

Not a few manufacturers of aftermarket spare parts with high lures. This can affect your intention to replace Toyota CVT spare parts with unoriginal ones. As a result, instead of getting better or even staying as standard, Toyota’s CVT transmission will actually get worse.

5. Last of Toyota CVT Transmission Performance – Often Flooded

This is for areas that often experience flooding. Toyota cars for example Raize, CVT transmission. If it is often flooded, it will certainly greatly affect various mechanical and electrical components, including the transmission.

Flood water and various foreign materials it carries can damage the CVT transmission components. So avoid these conditions so that the Toyota Raize car is always maintained in its performance.

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