5 Main Problems of 1TR-FE Gasoline Engine

5 Main Problems of 1TR-FE Gasoline Engine – It’s only natural that owners of Toyota cars with 1 TR-FE engine seem so in love with their cars. Presumably, this impression is what makes cars with these machines have a long period of use. And that fact also makes the discussion of engine disease 1 TR-FE always an exciting conversation in various automotive forums.

Actually, cars with 1 TR-FE engine rarely have problems, both with gasoline and diesel engines. With the 2.0 liter 1TR-FE VVT-i engine and the 2.7 liter 2TR-FE VVT-i, gasoline engines are known for their good durability. Maintenance is also relatively easy, spare parts are also abundant.

5 Main Problems of 1TR-FE Gasoline Engine


However, along with the use of the vehicle, once it is over 5 years old, a car with this engine also needs extra attention. Especially for slow-moving components that are starting to reach their limit of use.

Let’s look at 5 diseases of cars with 1 TR-FE gasoline engine that usually occurs in cars that are quite old.

1: Easy to Overheat Engine

Main Problems of 1TR-FE
Engine overheat is one of the main problems of the TR-FE 1 gasoline engine.

Naturally, if the vehicle is old, the car engine heats up quickly. But you should not let this condition because the impact can have an impact on the engine. Hot temperatures will cause the engine to tickle and the A/C to be less cold. What causes the engine to overheat?

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The average heat problem of the 1 TR-FE engine comes from the radiator. Problematic radiators can be the main cause in this case. Usually due to improper filling of the liquid, for example, filled with ordinary water, A/C water, or even fake coolant. If the radiator coolant is not filled properly, this can cause corrosion to occur more quickly. Then, the radiator can be clogged so that the liquid can not pass perfectly. Of course, the solution is that we have to disassemble the radiator.

In addition, we can also check the viscous fan. The viscous fan rotation that follows the engine speed can be problematic if it is too light or even too heavy. Check by turning it by hand when the engine is off. Usually, the problem is with the lubricant. If so, then obviously you need to disassemble the radiator fan and provide adequate lubrication.

2: Car Engine Like Losing Power

Main Problems of 1TR-FE
Engine loss of power is common in the 1 TR-FE gasoline engine.

How can the 1 TR-FE engine lose power? One of the factors that make this engine lose power is a dirty gasoline filter. The quality of gasoline can also be one of the main factors. So that the quality is good and does not tear quickly, make it a habit to buy an original gasoline filter. The “KW” filter is prone to tearing, so that dirt can penetrate and cause the engine to shut down completely. You should replace the fuel filter within the time specified by the manufacturer. Don’t just clean it or leave it alone.

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A dirty filter results in dirty injectors. As a result, combustion is incomplete and energy is lost. Clean the injector is the right way for us to do. The trick is to clean manually, through a tune-up package, or even do a recalibration.

Finally, it could also be a dirty throttle body. As a result, the throttle opening is not large and the air is limited. Combustion is incomplete.

3: Car Engine Staggers or Lames

How did the 1 TR-FE engine suffer from engine stuttering and limping? This problem usually stems from a faulty coil. The age of the vehicle that has been around for a long time will make the life of the coil reach its limit. The problem is, that sometimes the owner does not realize this, especially if the owner pays less attention to the engine sector. As a result, the engine limps.

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A damaged coil is a symptom of leaking or even not firing at all. The solution we have is to replace the coil. There are some people who try to outsmart, but this is not recommended. The coil is a vital part of the ignition system of a gasoline engine. Just a little problem then obviously the whole machine is also problematic.

Meanwhile, to buy an ignition coil for this engine, try the original one. However, if you prefer to choose something that is not original, you can choose a coil with good quality. It’s simple if the coil has a lower price than the original coil, the coil usually has low quality too. On the other hand, if the coil is more expensive than the standard, the coil is likely to be of good quality.

4: Car A/C Problem

Main Problems of 1TR-FE
Engine problems can also cause problems with the air conditioning system of a car with a 1 TR-FE engine.

The second Main Problems of 1TR-FE is A/C problems. Although not a direct part of the engine, A/C problems are also often a complaint of car owners with 1 TR-FE engine. Usually, the problem is a matter of a small gust of wind. It could be a clogged filter or evaporator. Just clean it up to the A/C workshop while at the same time asking about how to take good care of the A/C.

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Problems with the A/C of the car can also be about its performance that is not cold enough. A/C that feels hot is usually synonymous with a leak. Could be the cause because the evaporator is leaking due to porous. As a result, freon out and exhausted.

There is one more thing and maybe you often experience this, namely when the A/C is on the engine rpm drops. This comes from an engine problem. The engine is not able to adjust the required power requirements when the A/C is on. You can pay attention to the idle control section if you experience this problem. Clean or replace if the idle control system is having problems.

5: Faulty Sensors in Main Problems of 1TR-FE

Actually, Toyota cars with 1 TR-FE engine generally have no problems with engine sensors. It’s just that there is a special note about the timing belt sensor or CMP sensor. Once this sensor lights up at about 150 thousand kilometers and is followed by a timing belt change, it must also be followed by a timing belt sensor reset. In some cases, this is forgotten to do so it is considered problematic.

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Apart from that, we should also always check the Mass Airflow (MAF) Sensor. Because if the sensor is damaged or if it doesn’t work well, then the machine can mess up and turn itself off. When this sensor is damaged, the check engine sensor will usually also light up. If the sensor is damaged, we must replace this sensor with a new one. That’s why I advise you to be diligent in cleaning during routine service to keep it durable.

The Key In Engine Maintenance 1 TR-FE

Main Problems of 1TR-FE
Maintenance is the key to a long-lasting 1 TR-FE engine – Main Problems of 1TR-FE.

Looking at the list of 5 engine diseases 1 TR-FE gasoline, it is clear that the problems that arise are generally related to slow-moving components such as radiators, viscous fans, coils, or filters. Therefore, we must diligently monitor the condition of these components considering that each has a lifetime.

For radiators, for example, the ideal age is 5-7 years. But there are also radiators that can be up to 10 years without problems. The key is care. Likewise, the gasoline filter can last for years as long as it uses the proper fuel.

From the facts, it is clear that the key is proper maintenance and regular monitoring so that your car engine remains in top condition so that the resale price can be higher.

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