5 main reasons a car engine shuts down suddenly

5 main reasons a car engine shuts down suddenly – There is no need to deny the fact that the more we don’t take good care of the car, the more problems that will arise with the car. One of the most feared people is that the engine suddenly dies, especially when we are driving the car. This is not only the case for old cars, but new cars can experience the same thing. But, what is the reason behind it all? There are very serious reasons when a car suddenly shuts down. And here are the top five reasons a car engine shuts down suddenly.

5 main reasons a car engine shuts down suddenly

Before you can figure out the reason why a car’s engine suddenly shuts down, you should be aware that this sudden engine stopping can be very dangerous. If your car’s engine suddenly stops, you will likely lose control while driving and this could endanger your safety. Not only dangerous, but also fatal if you are driving at very high speed.

5 main reasons a car engine shuts down

First – Engine Overheats

This is one of the most common reasons why a car engine shuts down suddenly. When a fuel burns, its chemical energy is converted into heat energy. The engine then converts it into mechanical energy that drives the parts of the car until it reaches the wheels and the car moves. If the heat in this engine room exceeds the normal range, the pistons and other major parts of the engine start to melt. If so, this is not a good sign for you.

As the temperature continued to rise, these conditions would inevitably stop the engine. In fact there are several reasons that cause the engine to overheat.

Second – Choking Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter is an essential part of the exhaust system in an internal combustion engine car. This part plays a major role in keeping the exhaust clean. If there is more impurities in the fuel than the converter can handle, it chokes and stops working, resulting in a ‘sudden dead car’ situation arising.

As a result, the exhaust gases back into the pipes and the engine has to work harder. In the end, the machine is overworked, resulting in a crash. This kind of jam usually begins with a vibration and crackling of the engine. If this is the case, the engine may shut down suddenly and inevitably, you will have to replace the catalytic converter.

Third – Inadequate Transmission Fluid

Even though the technology is sophisticated such as CVT development, in fact there are still many weaknesses that occur, such as the weaknesses of the Honda vs Nissan CVT. Well, this can also result in the engine shutting down suddenly.

Inadequate transmission fluid can also be one of the causes of a sudden shutdown of the car engine. This level varies from brand to brand and model to model. So, take a look at your car owner’s manual. Follow the maintenance tips according to the manual to keep the fluid level correct. Even though it is not as fatal as if the problem comes from the engine, still damage to the transmission of the car will also drain money in your pocket.

Fourth – Electrical Problems on Ignition / Computer

Cars today do not exist that do not use computers. We often refer to it as an ECU or ECM. Although this sophisticated, the ignition system and even the ECU can cause the car engine to suddenly die.

There may also be an electrical problem with the ignition or the computer. The signal could pass, causing the engine to shut down. In such cases, you may see a flashing “check engine” light. If you continue to drive even though the check engine light is on, it will create a chance for the car to suddenly stop. This is even more so with the case of sophisticated modern cars and hybrid cars.

Fifth – Loose Engine Bolt

Although it doesn’t happen often, it does happen sometimes. Improper machine maintenance can cause a lot of trouble. If the bolts of the machine are tightened loosely, the engine will start vibrating and eventually start malfunctioning. Wear and tear on the engine while driving, can cause loose screws to eventually come off. The engine will definitely self-destruct and stop in that case.

Perhaps it is a good idea to avoid this problem by regularly servicing and maintaining your car properly. It is also important for you to drive the car in a good manner.

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  1. Zachary Tomlinson Reply

    Thanks for the guide that experiencing a sudden car shutdown could signify a faulty internal component. I plan to purchase a vehicle that’ll let me roam around the country with ease after this pandemic. I’ll probably keep this in mind and find a vehicle repair shop that can help me when this happens.

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