5 Reasons Why Cars Difficult To Start

5 Reasons Why Cars Difficult To Start – When the car is hard to start, people tend to think that there is a problem with the battery. When an inspection was carried out, suddenly the car battery was still in good condition and prime. So, if it’s not the battery that’s damaged, what is the reason the car can’t be started?

Apart from the battery, there are many other reasons why the car is difficult to start. So that in the future you don’t panic when facing problems like these, you must know the list of reasons why the car can’t start.

5 Reasons Why Cars Difficult To Start

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1: Car Difficult To Start Due To Spark Plug Problems

One of the components used in a car starter system is a spark plug. If this part is a problem, then the car starter can be affected. Dirty or worn spark plugs are two factors.

First, dirty spark plugs can block the sparks needed for the starter to work. When the car can’t be started, take a look at the spark plugs in the engine room. If dirty, immediately clean it by rubbing it with a special cleaner.

The second cause is the spark plug that is no longer good. Conditions like this make it difficult for the car to start when it’s hot. When the engine is cold, then the starter can be done. Spark plugs like this are better replaced so as not to hinder the performance of your favorite car.

2: Faulty Alternator or Dinamo Ampere

Another reason a car is difficult to start is a damaged alternator. The alternator is an important component that functions to supply electricity to the battery. If this part is damaged, then the car will definitely not start even though the battery is in good condition.

Alternators are not prone to damage. Generally, the damage occurs to cars that are more than 8 years old. If you encounter damage in this section, what can be done is to repair it in the workshop.

3 Improper Fuel Flow

The condition of the car is difficult to start, often occurs when the car is hot. It turns out that one of the contributing factors is the fuel flow that is not perfectly distributed from the tank to the engine. In addition, not mixing fuel with air can also be another reason the car cannot be started in this condition.

Not only when the car is hot, the potential for the car to be difficult to start due to fuel can also occur in the morning. This problem is caused by the fuel pump from the tank to the carburetor weakening due to cold conditions. Just click the fuel pump in the engine room and it will work again.

4: Coil Overheated

In addition to the spark plugs, the coil also plays a role in starting the car. The function itself is to multiply the voltage in very large amounts to the battery (can reach thousands of volts). After that, an electric current can flow to the spark plug so that it ignites the sparks.

If at any time the car is difficult to start, check the coil. The damaged coil can be seen from the temperature that is too hot. Replace this one component so that your car system can run normally again.

5: Troubled prostitutes

WTS (water temperature sensor) or temperature sensor also has the potential to make the car difficult to start. If there is damage to the sensor, the injection system will be disrupted so that the car cannot be started. Check with the repair shop to ensure its condition.


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