6 Best Full Synthetic Diesel Car Oil Recommendations

6 Best Full Synthetic Diesel Car Oil Recommendations – For those of you users of the Toyota Fortuner, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, and other latest diesel cars, of course, we will provide the best full synthetic diesel car oil. Diesel engine cars usually have heavy work. Therefore, it must be balanced with the selection of the best full synthetic oil.

6 Best Full Synthetic Diesel Car Oil Recommendations

What are the best recommended full synthetic diesel car oils from me? The following are a number of oil recommendations for diesel cars with fully synthetic main ingredients. Let’s discuss.

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6 Best Full Synthetic Diesel Car Oil
6 Best Full Synthetic Diesel Car Oil.

TOP 1 Evolution Diesel

The first recommended oil is TOP 1 Evolution Diesel with a viscosity of 5W-40. From the name alone we already know that this oil is special diesel oil. One of the best full synthetic diesel car oils, it is used for cars that already use common rail technology.

There are additional additives in the form of Extreme Low Share and Ester Fortifier which can provide maximum protection for your car engine. Extreme Low Share can maintain the viscosity of the oil when the engine temperature is cold. So it can keep components from wear and tear.

It also protects against rust and is more resistant to high temperatures and oxidation. While the Ester Fortifier technology functions to bind the oil to the metal surface so that there is no friction between components for a longer time.

This TOP 1 Evolution Diesel oil has a longer service life for the next oil change, reaching 20,000 km. This oil is recommended for Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, Toyota Fortuner, Isuzu Panther, and Innova Diesel cars.

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Shell Helix HX8

The next best full synthetic diesel car oil recommendation is from the Shell brand. Shell HX8 is also relatively new in the Indonesian automotive market. This oil is available in two variants, namely the viscosity of 5W-30 and 5W-40. In addition to being used in diesel engine cars, it can also be used on gasoline engines.

There is Flexi Molecule technology in the additives. The function of this technology is to provide protection for engine components for all road conditions and driving styles when you have to stop and go.

In addition, there is an Active Cleansing technology. This technology can clean the engine room from the remaining combustion products that settle. The residue from this combustion can cause corrosion of components, so of course, it can hamper the work of the engine.

Shell HX8 oil is claimed to be able to prevent evaporation 58 percent better and maintain viscosity 78 percent better than oil with other API SN standards.

STP Diesel Oil

STP Diesel is also one of the best full synthetic diesel car oils. This oil can be used in old and new cars with turbocharged, TDI, DI, Common rail, and Inter-Cooled engines.

This oil contains detergents and dispersants that can clean the engine compartment and reduce scale in the engine compartment. So that the engine performance is more responsive and also the use of fuel becomes more efficient.

There is an Anti-Wear additive technology that prevents the formation of foam in the engine compartment at high temperatures. As well as that, this oil also has the highest TBN component in its class. The oil is suitable for use in diesel cars with diesel fuel with fairly high sulfur content.

This sulfur content makes the acidity of the oil increase and can reduce the quality of engine oil. So, with this TBN content, it can prevent acid formation, so it can protect the engine from corrosion and wear.

Castrol Magnatec

The next best full synthetic diesel car oil is Castrol Magnatec with a viscosity of 10W-30. This oil has smart molecules that can coat the surface of engine components from the first start.

This oil is suitable for use in diesel cars with common rail engines, turbochargers, TDI, DI, and Inter-Cooled. Using this oil can save fuel usage and keep engine performance responsive.

In addition, Castrol Magnatec 10W-30 oil can also provide maximum protection in preventing the formation of combustion residues and maintaining oil viscosity at various temperatures.

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Shell Rimula R5 E

Still from Shell, namely the Shell Rimula R5 E variant. This Shell Rimula R5 E lubricant is able to keep the engine temperature stable so that it doesn’t overheat. The use of fuel is also more efficient and has optimal engine performance.

Shell Rimula R5 E is recommended for cars with exhaust-gas circulation (EGR) systems commonly used in the latest diesel engine cars. So it is suitable for use on Innova Diesel, Fortuner, and Pajero Sport.

This oil can also protect the engine from corrosion due to acid formation, prevent deposits from forming, and prevent oxidation. The price of Shell Rimula R5 E oil is quite affordable, only IDR 117 thousand per liter and IDR 455 thousand per 4 liters. No wonder this oil is one of the best full synthetic diesel car oils.

Fastron Diesel

Fastron also has oil for diesel cars. This Pertamina oil is recommended for use in diesel cars with common-rail injection, turbocharger, and exhaust-gas recirculation systems.

This oil has a viscosity of 15W-40 and API CI-4. This lubricant can reduce vibrations and harsh sounds from the engine that is working. In addition, the lubricating power is also optimal so that it can protect engine components from friction and wear. This oil can also neutralize acids caused by the combustion process.

The price for 1 liter of Fastron Diesel is quite cheap, only IDR 72 thousand. Meanwhile, for 4 liters of packaged oil, it is only priced at IDR 290 thousand.

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