6 Characteristics of a Broken Car Coil and Overcome It

6 Characteristics of a Broken Car Coil and How to Overcome It – Every car other than an electric car has an ignition system. The ignition system has a central function in internal combustion engines. The supporting components are no less important than one component to another. One of the main components of a car ignition system is a coil. If the car does not start, there is a possibility that the coil is damaged. Then what are the characteristics of a damaged car coil and how to solve it? The following is the description.

The coil in the ignition system has a function to increase the voltage from 12 Volts to tens to hundreds of thousands of volts. The large enough voltage function is used to ignite a spark plug in the combustion chamber.

6 Characteristics of a Broken Car Coil

6 Characteristics of a Broken Car Coil

There are many characteristics of a damaged car coil. However, some of them are very visible and occur frequently. Here are the characteristics of a damaged car coil in our opinion.

First – The first characteristic is when the car’s energy feels less than optimal. This happens especially when the vehicle starts to travel quite a long distance. The car will be very heavy and choked up, even die by itself.

Second – The second characteristic is that the car is difficult to start. This happens especially in cold weather like in the morning. This feature could also occur when the car has not been turned on for a long time.

Third – The third characteristic is a physical characteristic. This third characteristic is often referred to as a leaky coil. The leaky coil is marked with a cracked coil insulator on the edge of the coil terminal.

Fourth – The fourth characteristic is that when the engine and coil of the car are hot, the car will suddenly turn off.

Fifth – The fifth characteristic is that there are sparks around the ignition system. Usually caused by a spark plug wire leak or coil. It is necessary to check the spark plug wire and check the coil.

Sixth – The characteristic of the sixth car coil is that the car’s power is greatly reduced and is wasteful of fuel. But remember, the cause of wasteful fuel is not just a broken coil.

How to Overcome a Broken Car Coil

Remember! only temporarily. Why? If left for a long time it can damage other car components. We recommend that you replace the coil as soon as possible if possible. Don’t forget to choose a quality coil with guaranteed quality. Because these concerns engine performance and durability.

To prevent sparks that cause the insulation on the spark plug wire or coil. Clean and dry the components first before isolating them. Use thick black tape. Make sure you don’t see any chipped/cracked parts. After neatly wrapped, then plug it back in and start the engine. Easy right?

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