6 Levels of Self-Driving Technology You Ever Knew

6 Levels of Self-Driving Technology You Ever Knew – Vehicle technology in the form of self-driving or autonomous-driving features is insight. In fact, some researchers estimate that there will be around eight million semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles in the world by 2025.

6 Levels of Self-Driving Technology You Ever Knew

However, not all cars have self-driving technology at the same level. Reporting from Synopsys.com, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) stipulates that there are six levels of self-driving technology ranging from level 0 to level 5.

6 Levels of Self-Driving Technology
Source: blog.qad.com

Here is a little explanation of the level of self-driving technology;

1. Level 0

Most of the vehicles on the road today are still at Level 0 level. Level 0 means that the vehicle has absolutely no automatic control in terms of driving. The driver is still in full control of the vehicle while walking.

The driver is free to drive even though there is a car system that has an active response to every incident on the road, such as an emergency braking system. Technically a car with level 0 self-driving technology does not qualify as autonomous vehicle technology.

2. Level 1

6 Levels of Self-Driving Technology
Cruise control system on a car.

The second level of self-driving vehicles is Level 1. At this level, vehicles have started to have simple self-driving features. Vehicles on Level 1 self-driving usually have additional features to provide assistance to the driver, one of which is cruise control.

At Level 1 a driver no longer needs to have a gas pedal problem. In addition, the driver also only needs to control the steering wheel and apply to brake. This is especially helpful for a driver who is sometimes surprised to find something on the road.

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3. Level 2

6 Levels of Self-Driving Technology
Cadillac’s Super Cruise system.

The next level of self-driving technology is Level 2. We can say that the features of vehicles with level 2 self-driving technology have entered an advanced level. However, only part of it.

At Level 2, a car can already control the steering and acceleration or braking of the vehicle. However, the vehicle cannot drive on its own, because it still requires the role of the driver to monitor the speed of the vehicle and the road around it.

Tesla’s Autopilot system and Cadillac’s Super Cruise system are vivid examples of level 2 self-driving technology.

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4. Level 3

6 Levels of Self-Driving Technology
The Audi A8L is an example of this car that has used Level 3 self-driving technology.

The fourth level of self-driving technology is Level 3. Cars with Level 3 self-driving technology have the ability to detect environmental conditions and can make their own decisions. An example of this capability is speeding up or slowing down the rate based on the information the system receives.

Even so, at Level 3, the car still needs the driver’s role. The role is to take control of the vehicle if the self-driving system does not work properly.

One example of the application of level 3 self-driving technology is the Traffic Jam Pilot system on the Audi A8L.

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5. Level 4

At this level, the car is very modern of course. Level 4 self-driving technology can intervene when problems or system failures occur in the vehicle. That way the vehicle does not require driver interaction in a number of conditions.

6 Levels of Self-Driving Technology
This car is one example that has used Level 4 self-driving technology. Source: designnews.com

However, the driver still has the option to manually control the vehicle.

The following are examples of the application of level 4 self-driving technology:

Technology in taxis made by the French company, NAVYA on the streets of the United States. The taxi can go automatically with a maximum speed limit of 88 km / h.

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Then the driverless taxi service from Waymo in Arizona, United States.

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Then the MAX4 technology made by Canadian company Magna collaborated with Lyft which made ordinary vehicles able to have level 4 self-driving technology.

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Finally, there is a robotaxi being developed by Volvo in collaboration with Baidu for the Chinese market.

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6. Level 5

6 Levels of Self-Driving Technology
Illustration of a car wheelhouse with Level 5 self-driving technology.

The highest level of self-driving technology is Level 5. At level 5 self-driving technology, the car does not need the driver’s role to pay attention to the speed of the vehicle. In fact, this technological vehicle no longer requires steering or acceleration and braking pedals.

So, the vehicle will move on its own by only utilizing all the information that the system has received, without any human assistance as the driver. Unfortunately, vehicles with this technology are not yet on the road and are still in the development stage.

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