6 Signs of Car Spark Plugs Must Be Replaced

6 Signs of Car Spark Plugs Must Be Replaced – The discussion about the signs of car spark plugs that must be replaced is interesting for us to pay close attention to. Given this is the most sensitive part, if we refer to the combustion requirements of a gasoline engine. Spark plugs are one of the three conditions that an engine can perform the combustion process. Through the spark plug, the fire will be able to burn the fuel and air that has been compressed.

6 Signs of Car Spark Plugs Must Be Replaced

The first sign is that the engine is running and has to start three times more. This is something that is not normal of course. A normal engine is usually enough for one or a maximum of 2 times the engine to start immediately. So that if we find a car that is difficult to start and has to start several times, one of the things we must suspect is a spark plug failure.

The second sign is misfiring. Ignition failure or misfiring will make car users uncomfortable at all. This indicates that there are spark plugs or some spark plugs that are no longer able to spark sparks properly. So that the car experiences imperfect ignition problems and misfiring occurs.


Next up is rough idle. Rough idle can indeed come from dirty or damaged ISC or idle speed control and it can even be from damage to other parts. However, it is actually the most frequent spark plug damage. If you experience rough idle, don’t go anywhere first but try checking the spark plugs. If the spark plug has a problem, please replace the spark plug with a new one.

The occurrence of a delay in acceleration is also a sign that the spark plug must be replaced immediately. The acceleration delay due to combustion is insufficient to burn fuel and air during acceleration. Because during acceleration, the amount of fuel and air is more than idle. With a bad spark plug (damaged), the fuel does not burn completely, and eventually, the engine can experience delays when accelerating.

Furthermore, the smell of the exhaust gas. Thick exhaust gas and even more smells can be due to sensor problems and others. Again, try checking the spark plugs first. Because the spark plug is damaged, it can cause the residual exhaust gas to smell strong.

The last one is wasteful of fuel. Wasteful of fuel is an interesting thing, of course. This is because everyone does not want to save money. Wasteful of fuel can make wasteful expenses too. If this happens to your car, please check the spark plugs and replace them.

Are all these features only a feature of a spark plug failure? Of course not. But if you experience the signs mentioned above, the first thing you should suspect is your car spark plug problem.

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