7 Tips for Buying a New Car So You Don’t Regret

7 Tips for Buying a New Car So You Don’t Regret –  This time we will discuss tips for buying a new car. Seems like a trivial thing, but believe me that getting a suitable vehicle is not easy.

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7 Tips for Buying a New Car So You Don’t Regret


This is increasingly difficult with the number of new car product lines on the market. The players now are not only from Japan but also from China and South Korea. The European brands are also selling vehicles at affordable prices. So that you don’t regret it later, you should do some considerations before buying a new car. Starting from adjusting the price to the budget, knowing the specifications and features, as well as the cost of maintenance.

For those of you who want to know tips on buying a new car in detail, here are seven things that you must try;

1. Find a New Car According to Needs Not Wants

7 Tips for Buying a New Car
The first tip when buying a New Car is to find a car that suits your needs unless you are a rich person who no longer thinks about your life’s needs.

Tips for buying a new car first, don’t put your desires first. You should also adjust it to your needs. This you need to do, because the price of the car is not cheap. If you buy the wrong one, you can regret it later.

Remember, a car is not a primary need, but if you are already very rich and a car is a part of your existence, this is an exception. So as much as possible, first fulfill primary needs such as clothing, food, and housing before going any further by buying a new car.

Then if it really suits your needs, you also need to choose the right type of car. The easiest way is first to select based on price and adjust your finances. In addition, you also need to know the cabin capacity of the car. If you have a large family, then choose one that has a three-row bench configuration. Meanwhile, if it’s small for only 1 or two people, maybe you can choose a car with a smaller size, for example, 2 rows of seats.

2. Learn the Features

7 Tips for Buying a New Car
Pay attention to the features of the new car you are about to buy! This will make it easier for you to know how sophisticated and appropriate the price that sales offer.

Furthermore, in tips for buying a new car, it is mandatory to study the accompanying features. For example, if you already have a head unit, have you used a screen or not? If for a family car, this feature can play movies and videos that can ward off boredom for children while on a trip.

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Other features that you need to pay attention to, for example, have you adopted leather seats or not? The point is to facilitate the cleaning of the cabin when exposed to dirt.

Don’t miss the safety features either. It’s a good idea to choose a vehicle with an anti-lock braking system (ABS) and SRS airbags as standard. The more systems that maintain safety in the cabin, the better.

If you are a rider who often passes through hilly terrain. We recommend choosing a car with rear-wheel drive (RWD) because it is more reliable to drive up. The point is that the features of the new car that you want to buy must be in accordance with your needs.

3. Know the Cost of Treatment

7 Tips for Buying a New Car
How much is this new car worth for you to buy? – 7 Tips for Buying a New Car.

Of course, maintenance is no less important when you decide to buy a new car. If the price of the vehicle is cheap, but near the house, there is no repair shop, it must be a problem in itself.

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Therefore, tips on buying the next new car, know the ins and outs of its maintenance. If there is an authorized repair shop near your house, find out the availability and price of spare parts. Sometimes for cars that are not selling very well in the market, it is more difficult to find parts and there are not many ordinary repair shops that can handle the problem with the car.

Unlike the many cars on the market. Cars with criteria like these, it’s easy for you to find a place for car repair and maintenance. So, this can be your consideration in choosing a new car that you will buy. Remember, if you spend too much time on vehicle repairs, not only money but it also leaves you not free to do other work.

4. Find Out Through the Community

7 Tips for Buying a New Car
A good car community will help you find the problem you’re having. They are more loyal than salespeople who sell your target car – 7 Tips for Buying a New Car. Image source: Car Throttle

After knowing about the specifications and features of the new car you want to buy, then try to discuss it with the car community. Say you want a Tesla electric car. Then you try to enter the Tesla social media group community to get more information about the car. This will really help you to know the ins and outs of the car that you will buy later.

Ask about the advantages and disadvantages of Tesla cars from the user’s side. Usually, from there you will know the details that are not displayed in the sales brochure.

What’s more, you’ll also find a new community that will make it easier for you to troubleshoot if your car has a problem later. At least the place of care information or even want to resell in time.

5. Do a Test Drive

7 Tips for Buying a New Car
Tips for buying a new car include a test drive. It’s important to know how tough the car is. And will also help when your car has a problem and wants to get a damaged warranty – 7 Tips for Buying a New Car.

Tips for buying the next new car, you should do a test drive. Why should you do this? The goal is that you don’t buy a car in a sack. At least you have experienced the suspension slamming, engine performance, and cabin comfort.

If possible, do a test drive of the car with family members. This is intended so that they can also provide feedback about the vehicle from various sides.

There are other things that are no less important. If there’s a problem with your new car and it’s still under warranty, this will make it easier for you to argue on the issue. Remember no car is perfect. If you run into problems, you should have a good argument for a warranty. If you have tried the car before, then obviously this will help you a lot.

6. Must Get Promo – 7 Tips for Buying a New Car

Know that car seller will definitely provide promos for the products they market. Whether it’s a bonus seat cover, guttering, or window film, you need to ask for the promo. If the sales don’t offer these promos, it’s a good idea to ask.

If you want to get a discount, buy a car at certain times. For example, at the end of the year, surely many manufacturers issue big price discounts.

Then tips on buying a new car can also be done at the beginning of the year, but look for vehicles with last year’s frame numbers. Usually, the price of these products is much cheaper.

7. Make a Credit Simulation of Buying a New Car in Detail

If you can’t afford to buy a new car with cash, use the credit option. At first glance, it seems easy, but what you need to know, buying on credit actually costs more money than the original price.

In buying a new car on credit, don’t just pay attention to the big down payment. The installment amount and tenor must be checked. As much as possible you should ask for a credit simulation so that everything is clear and you can prepare a budget.

Sometimes with a shorter tenor, the interest is even smaller. If you really have the ability, you need to consider this so that car loans can be paid off quickly.

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    If I were to purchase a car, I will make sure to obtain insurance since this will cover the medical costs. I also agree with you that it will be wiser to prioritize the safety measure. Thank you for suggesting the importance of preventive maintenance as well.

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