Advantages of Toyota CVT Transmission from Other Car CVTs

Advantages of Toyota CVT Transmission from Other Car CVTs – The CVT SUV transmission is now very common in Toyota Indonesia’s line-up. Of course not without reason Toyota provides its SUV model with this type of transmission. In fact, it is clear that we all know that the presence of CVT technology is a mandatory requirement for automotive manufacturers in terms of energy efficiency. So it is clear that neither Toyota, Honda, Nissan, nor other manufacturers will use CVT technology in their new cars. This time, we will look at the advantages of Toyota’s CVT transmission which is starting to appear in many of their new cars.

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Advantages of Toyota CVT Transmission from Other Car CVTs

CVT itself stands for Continuously Variable Transmission. So, CVT transmission is a power transfer mechanism or gear ratio change that adjusts to engine speed automatically. This transmission work also relies on centrifugal force.

Advantages of Toyota CVT Transmission
Toyota CVT Transmission.

Thanks to the use of CVT technology, it can make the Toyota car have a very smooth gearshift even sometimes it is not felt by the driver. Of course, there are quite a lot of advantages that Toyota owners can get by using a Toyota SUV with a CVT transmission.

Smooth and silent

As we mentioned above, it is true that thanks to the use of the CVT SUV transmission, the gearshift is smooth. This can happen thanks to the use of a rubber belt aka CVT steel belt which is able to eliminate vibration and friction.

Other components such as primary pulleys, secondary pulleys, and steel belts in the planetary gear set also play an important role in CVT. So that the CVT can work well to produce a smooth and quiet gear ratio shift.

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Only need low rpm

The advantage of a Toyota SUV that adheres to the CVT transmission system is the engine speed. To move the vehicle, with a CVT the engine is enough to work at low speed. The driver does not need high RPM to get big power thanks to the responsive CVT technology.

In the CVT SUV system, the system is able to channel power from the engine perfectly to the rear wheels. In addition, the system is also able to adjust changes in vehicle speed and torque with a precision ratio. So that the engine speed also tends to be lower and more efficient with a CVT transmission system.

Fuel consumption efficiency

Thanks to various mechanisms that minimize friction, the Toyota CVT is able to support fuel efficiency. Obviously, this can happen because almost all of the combustion power in the engine is channeled completely to the transmission.

Of course, to achieve this, we must also apply a non-aggressive driving style. Do not press the gas suddenly and brake suddenly to get the best fuel consumption.

Those are some of the advantages of Toyota’s CVT transmission. From these advantages, of course, you can easily have a pleasant driving experience. Toyota uses CVT in several of its vehicles, such as the Toyota C-HR, Corolla Cross for SUV models, and many other types.

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