All-electric BMW iX and i4 Use 5G Technology

The All-electric BMW iX and i4 Use 5G Technology – The all-electric BMW iX and i4 are the first two BMW cars with 5G technology. 5G in both cars is available via Personal eSIM. An eSIM or embedded SIM is a SIM card installed in a mobile device—phone, tablet, smartwatch—that allows connectivity to a cellular network without a physical SIM card that we can remove. The Personal eSIM allows customers to add a BMW iX or i4 to their existing mobile phone package, thereby taking advantage of the vehicle’s 5G antenna and enabling in-car WiFi hotspots.

All-electric BMW iX and i4 Use 5G Technology

With this technology, up to ten devices can connect to the vehicle’s WiFi hotspot at the same time. This clearly gives users high-speed internet access for office work or video streaming in full HD quality.

All-electric BMW iX and i4 Use 5G
BMW iX idrive. Source: BMW

To support the BMW Personal eSIM, T-Mobile introduced Magenta Drive for BMW. Vehicle owners can extend their existing T-Mobile postpaid plan. You do this with T-Mobile Magenta Drive to activate a Personal eSIM in the vehicle. BMW links the Personal eSIM to the user’s BMW ID, not the vehicle. Thus, the owner can transfer to another BMW vehicle that has the Personal eSIM function. The company configures the eSIM automatically when a user logs in with their BMW ID and it is immediately available.

By completing the setup via the My BMW app, and after adding the vehicle to the package, the customer’s phone does not need to be in the vehicle to make and receive calls using the current mobile number.

If customers choose not to add their vehicle to their mobile package, vehicles with Personal eSIM functionality still benefit from the low latency and high bandwidth of the 5G connection when data exchange occurs between BMW Cloud and the vehicle. For example, Remote Software Upgrades can be downloaded to the car owner in less time than normal time should be. Personal eSIMs are available as part of the Premium Plan on the iX xDrive50 and standard on the iX M60.

Digital Key Plus

The BMW iX will also introduce the BMW Digital Key Plus. This is the latest generation of smartphone-based BMW Digital Key. Digital Key Plus uses ultra-secure broadband technology that allows customers to use their smartphones to lock, unlock and start vehicles without having to take the phone out of their pocket or bag.

With Digital Key Plus, owners can set a master key in the My BMW app on their phones. This will allow customers using iPhones to grant vehicle access to up to five other users. Parents will then be able to manage young drivers with vehicle access control, which can limit top speed, engine power, and maximum radio volume and ensure that the Smart Dynamic Stability and Safety Control feature on equipped vehicles cannot be disabled.

eDrive Zone

BMW eDrive Zones is a digital service to make it easier for drivers of plug-in hybrid vehicles to access areas of the city that are designated zero-emissions zones. Upon entering one of these zones, the BMW Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle will switch to full-electric driving mode automatically (as long as the battery is fully charged). The trigger of the switch is geofencing and GPS technology. In that case, the app will prompt the driver to enter the zero-emissions zone and switch to eDrive via the vehicle’s iDrive screen.

The application presents BMW eDrive Zones in the main navigation map and in the preview map in the eDrive Zone application menu. BMW is currently testing this feature in three cities in California: Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Jose. BMW eDrive Zones will be activated automatically incompatible vehicles.

The BMW Cloud

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and BMW Group announced a comprehensive strategic collaboration in 2020. The goal of this collaboration is to further accelerate the pace of BMW Group innovation by placing data and analytics at the center of decision-making. Companies will combine their strengths as industry leaders to co-develop cloud-based IT and software solutions that improve efficiency, performance, and sustainability across all enterprise processes, from vehicle development to after-sales service. This is what we will later call the BMW Cloud.

All-electric BMW iX and i4 Use 5G
Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the BMW Group teamed up to build the BMW Cloud.

The BMW Group drives digitalization and innovation in the automotive industry. BMW wants to make data central to the way they work.

As part of this broad collaboration, the BMW Group will migrate data from all of its business units and operations in more than one hundred countries to AWS. The move will include a number of BMW Group’s central IT systems and databases for functions such as sales, manufacturing, and maintenance, and will help increase agility, achieve new insights from data analytics, and more quickly innovate new customer experiences.

AWS provides the most comprehensive suite of cloud offerings to enable automakers to build applications that touch every point in the customer journey. By combining the BMW Group’s domain expertise with AWS’ demonstrated leadership in the cloud, BMW is expanding its influence across the automotive industry so that stakeholders, from parts manufacturers to mechanics, can benefit from greater visibility and insight.

Source info: press.bmwgroup

All-electric BMW iX

The BMW iX can use both AC and DC fast charging. Fast charging 150 kW DC capable of charging up to 80 percent in 31 minutes with a range of 95 km.

While charging 50 kW DC can charge up to 80 percent in 73 minutes. Meanwhile, charging the AC from empty to full takes seven hours.

All-electric BMW iX and i4 Use 5G
All-electric BMW iX. Source: BMW

Speaking of looks, the BMW iX features dual-beam LED headlights with integrated DRLs. The grille is quite large, and the hood uses a 3D design, as well as the front bumper with a firm curve.

From the side, this electric car has large sporty wheels, rectangular wheel arches, frameless windows, and door handles that blend into the body. At the rear, BMW provides LED lights with a slim design and extends horizontally.

Entering the cabin, the BMW iX comes with a minimalist interior design with a focus on driver and passenger comfort. The infotainment screen comes with a 9-inch curved glass. BMW positions it facing the driver, as well as a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster.

Then the steering wheel carries a hexagonal design inspired by the steering wheel of a racing car. There is also a sunroof, seats with massage features with leather layers, ambient lighting, and an 18-speaker Harman Kardon surround audio system. Luggage storage capacity reaches 1750 liters.

BWM equips this electric SUV with eDrive technology to ensure all four wheels get power from the dual electric motors on each axle. This electric motor power comes from two lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 76.6 kWh.

In terms of performance, the BMW iX is capable of generating power up to 326 HP and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h only takes 6.1 seconds. There are three driving modes on this BMW iX, namely Personal, Sport, and Efficient.

Although powered by electricity, the BMW iX still produces car sounds through IconicSounds Electric technology. So the sound of this electric car is not completely silent.

All-electric BMW i4

BMW officially launched the BMW i4 electric car. This electric-powered sedan is ready to compete with the Tesla Model 3 in the electric sedan segment.

There are two variants that BMW offers for the i4, namely the i4 M50 as the more expensive one. The second is the i4 eDrive40 as an entry variant. Both certainly offer different characters and performances, for unique consumer needs as well. The two variants of the i4 follow the debut of the concept version that BMW introduced last year.

All-electric BMW iX and i4 Use 5G
All-electric BMW i4 (Carscoops).

An i4 M50 variant is an option for consumers who want to feel the savage performance of an electric BMW sedan. This variant is complete with a series of M Sport-style touches. The exterior has a strong and aggressive look, much like the M440i. starting from the front fascia, side skirts, mirror design, wheels, and rear fascia are very typical of the M Sport character. The difference is, the large front grille is completely closed. This is due to the absence of the engine behind the bonnet and for more efficient aerodynamics.

The electric powertrain system relies on a battery that can travel up to 395 km on a full charge. The peak output of the two electric motor units reaches 536 hp for power and 794 Nm of torque, aka almost 800 Nm. Each of the front electric motors provides 255 hp and 308 hp at the rear. Maximum output is reached when Super Boost mode is active.

According to BMW, the acceleration of the i4 M50 to 0-100 km/h only takes 3.9 seconds, and 5.7 seconds to reach 200 km/h. The comparison is with the BMW M3, acceleration to 0-100 km / h in 4.1 seconds, and 3.8 seconds for the M3 Competition.

All-electric BMW iX and i4 Use 5G
Interior BMW i4.

BMW provides an infotainment system with a large screen, measuring 12.3 inches, and a 14.9-inch screen for the instrument panel. More or less the same as the design that has been adopted by Mercedes-Benz. This design is what distinguishes the i4 from the conventional engined 4 Series. The rest, the interior design is the same as the Series 4, only distinguished by blue accents in some parts of the interior.

The affordable variant, the i4 sDrive40, only provides 335 hp and 416 Nm of torque. This variant also uses only one electric motor unit that drives the rear wheels. It accelerates to 0-100 km/h in 5.7 seconds, the same as the 330i model. BMW installed an 81.5 kWh battery and single-speed transmission for the i4 eDrive40.

The i4 available infotainment system dominates the dashboard, which already supports Apple CarCarplay and Android Auto. The difference is in the choice of trim and color play. The difference is, the i4 eDrive40 has a standard model seat, while the i4 M50 adopts a seat like the M3 and M4.

The advanced technology that BMW offers through the i4 is a variety of driver assistance systems, both standard and optional. Overall, the i4 already has Level 2 autonomous capabilities. Its superior features are Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function, Speed ​​Limit Assist, and Driving Assistance Professional which relies on a front camera, front radar, side radar that supports Steering and Lane Control operations. Assistant.

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