Apple supplier ‘defects’ to other EV companies ahead of Apple Car launch

Apple supplier ‘defects’ to other EV companies ahead of Apple Car launch – Luxshare is the company that builds Apple’s AirPods. However, some time ago they invested in a Chinese electric car company. Even though we know Apple is also preparing to launch their first electric car. What is this?

Apple supplier ‘defects’ to other EV companies ahead of Apple Car launch

Apple supplier 'defects' to other EV
Source: Caixin Global

It seems, there is an effort for the company not to rely too much on Apple. This was seen when Luxshare actually received a lot of iPhone orders from Apple. But the truth is, Luxshare is not alone, Foxconn has recently done the same. What’s interesting about Luxshare is that they are turning to the EV market.

According to Nikkei Asia, Luxshare Precision Industry has formed a joint venture with Chery New Energy’s Chery Automobile division.

Chery New Energy is said to be set up in the next three months. The development cost a capitalization of $267 million. From these funds, Luxshare took a sizeable share. Luxshare will take a 30% stake.

Luxshare chairman Wang Laichun has informed investors that the AirPods assembler will not become a car company. In addition, the electric car manufacturer of the joint venture will not have the Luxshare name.

Instead, he says that Luxshare only wants to be a Tier 1 supplier. If a Tier 2 supplier is going to manufacture components for a product, a Tier 1 company can make a complete set.

In theory, that could mean that Luxshare did manufacture the car, leaving only superficial branding for Chery. Given Wang Laichun’s emphasis that the company will not become an automaker, it is likely that Luxshare will assemble the main system.

In comparison, Foxconn’s efforts appear to be concentrating on manufacturing processors for its ventures with Fisker and Byton.

Apple Car Timeline until 2022

2008 — It would be the Apple Car’s CEO Steve Jobs who finally brings it to production. He is one of five people in the world with a special permit that allows him access to cars on private test tracks and other locations, as well as being able to put multiple prototypes through their paces at any given time. Some sources report that his first prototype was completed just days after he took charge back in 1997-1998, but others maintain this isn’t true because Bill Gates even had an idea for a similar product before then so if anything else happened it wasn’t much more than what we know today from Elon Musk. Either way, his name will forever go down in history alongside iconic carmakers like Henry Ford or anyone else you can think of!

2014 — This project is expected to be heavily backed by Apple and Tim Cook who, as of late, has been pro-environmental. The company will supposedly start production in 2020 with a goal of selling cars at $3500 USD each. This marks the first time that an electric car under its own brand line has come out without being distributed through Tesla Motors or another similar corporation. Read more: Codename ‘Titan’ for Apple’s Electric Car

2015 — Apple is said to have hired new employees for the project, alongside meeting with self-driving car experts and GoMentum Station, a California-based testing ground for autonomous vehicles. The firm hires Daimler Trucks subsidiary Torc to fit sensors to two Lexus SUVs in a project known internally as ‘Baja’. Read more: Apple’s self-driving cars head to reality since 2015.

2016 — Bloomberg reports that Apple has decided to switch its priority over to developing software to power self-driving solutions. The company is still looking towards creating a car of its own, but will not do it with the same resources and time as previously stated. Instead, Apple is now focusing on doing in-house development so they can have more control over their product before releasing anything else into the wild.

2017 — Rumours have it that the technology will be ready for public use by 2020. The firm clearly has no plans to stop at just cars, as they are developing autonomous vans too. With this new development, Apple is moving towards taking a big step in car and transportation technologies. Read more: Apple’s program to develop autonomous vans. 

2018 — Apple registers 27 self-driving cars with California’s Department of Motor Vehicles. The firm enters a rumored partnership with Volkswagen to produce an autonomous electric shuttle bus. The FBI charged a former Apple employee for stealing trade secrets relating to project Titan. In August, an Apple self-driving car is rear-ended during road testing.

2019 — will continue to provide its self-driving technology for other automakers, while Apple’s acquisition of the company enables it to test and develop autonomous vehicle software on top of the hardware that they already produce. Read more: Apple Saves self-driving startup

2020 — Apple has been working on the project for years and still hasn’t unveiled any of its plans to consumers. The fruit company is hoping their car will be one that’s not only practical in terms of fuel efficiency but also fun, offering a ride like no other automobile can provide. With rumors circling around Apple Car supposedly being built with sensors embedded into the bodywork, it seems as if this might actually become a reality and soon enough we’ll all be able to enjoy riding in an apple-shaped vehicle!

2021 — Industry scuttlebutt has it that Apple is in talks with Hyundai and Kia to jointly produce self-driving electric cars, but the vehicle manufacturers deny this. More rumors emerge of a 2024 launch goal — this time in collaboration with Toyota and its Korean partners.

2022 – For more information on the Apple car concept this year, click here!

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