Are Electric Cars Flood Resistant and How Are They Maintained? – Are Electric Cars Flood Resistant and How Are They Maintained? – Not only in developing countries, but even in developed countries, the possibility that people are worried about electric cars is still high. One that many people may still ask is, are electric cars flood-resistant? No one dares to fully guarantee that the car will be free from problems if it goes through a flood. Therefore, the answer depends on the condition of the vehicle and how severe the flood we will be going through with the electric car. For more details, see the description below.

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As the name implies, an electric car is a type of vehicle that uses a power source that comes from a battery. The battery in an electric car will supply electric power which will later be used to start the engine and turn the drive wheels. This means that the electric car is literally “full” of electric power. Here we will not find fuel explosions, exhaust, or even air entering the car engine.

Electric Cars Flood Resistant

So what if we use electric cars to drive in the rainy season? Is it still safe for us to drive?

Are Electric Cars Flood Resistant?

Basically, researchers in the field of electric vehicles have taken into account rain conditions or even floods. They have carefully calculated the electric vehicle to be able to get through rain and even floods. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about driving an electric car during the rainy season and through floods.

Here are some of the advantages of electric cars that make them resistant to flooding.

1. Safe When Driving in Rainy Conditions

Electric car manufacturers – whatever – of course, have taken into account the use of these vehicles in the rainy season. What’s the sign? One of them is to equip the car with protection on several main components. Especially if it’s not water protection on batteries, especially high-voltage batteries.

In the high-voltage battery of every electric car, there is a special seal that is impermeable, especially to water and moisture. This means this car is safe for us to use to drive during the rainy season. Not only is it safe to drive in the rain, but the car is also safe even when we go through puddles.

2. Materials that are safe for passing puddles

Electric cars are also designed by manufacturers with the best materials to ensure that these vehicles are safe if we use them to drive through puddles. So we don’t need to worry that the electric car will experience a short circuit if it passes through a puddle during a flood.

If you remember and read, several years ago, Tesla electric car owners even experienced having their cars submerged in water within a few hours. But after the car is able to get out of the puddle, the electric car can still live normally. Precisely the problem is only in the vehicle accessories and navigation system. Meanwhile, the vehicle – in this case the high-voltage battery – is still in a safe condition and can run properly.

3. HV Battery Charging Is Safe Even When It’s Raining

Charging electric car batteries is actually safe even when it’s raining. So if you have to, you can still charge your electric car even when it’s raining. This is because the manufacturers have considered this matter carefully. One example is to make the charger head and power socket waterproof so that charging when it rains will remain safe.

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Apart from the three advantages above, there are many other advantages that exist in electric cars. Obviously, electric cars will not emit air pollution, noise pollution, and even oil waste that damages the environment. Thus, changing the use of internal combustion cars (ICE) to electric cars is very beneficial for everyone, including for the natural environment.

Caring for Electric Cars During the Rainy Season

Then how do we take care of electric cars to keep them safe when the rainy season arrives? As we know that electric cars are indeed safe to use even when driving in the rain and even through flood conditions. However, we need to ensure that the condition of the vehicle remains prime and optimal. In addition, we also need to take good care of it, especially during the rainy season and after passing through flood puddles – Electric Cars Flood Resistant.

Electric Cars Flood Resistant

To deal with the rainy season and puddles during floods, I have some tips for you as an electric car owner. Here are helpful tips for you and your electric car during the rainy season.

1. Always Check HV Battery Power

This is the first and foremost, which is to always check the battery charge of your electric car’s HV. When driving an electric car in rainy conditions, one of the things you need to pay attention to is checking the HV battery charge. Before driving, make sure the electric car battery is fully charged so you don’t have to stop to recharge it.

Although charging when it rains is safe for electric cars, remember that not every place has HV battery charging. If you get caught in the rain and your electric car’s HV battery runs out, this will be very inconvenient. Therefore, ensuring the amount of battery power and calculating the vehicle mileage is very important for you as an electric car owner.

2. Always Check the Condition of the Tires

Tires may not be your focus even if your car is on ICE. But I think that is a wrong assumption. In both ICE cars and electric cars, it is very important to pay attention to the condition of your car tires.

Especially in electric cars, try to avoid bald tires when driving during the rainy season. The gripping ability of bald car tires is bad enough to grip the road surface. Therefore it is very risky if you use driving during the rainy season because it can cause the car to slip more easily.

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You also need to check the tire pressure. The tire pressure for an electric car must be just right, not too little or too little so that the car can maneuver optimally. Remember electric cars have much higher initial acceleration than internal combustion cars. If the road is wet and the tire pressure is not right, this will seriously endanger the safety of the driver and occupants of the electric car.

3. Pay attention to the Wiper Rubber Work

During the rainy season, the wipers really function to help clean the windshield from water. Why is this important? This is because it can help the driver to see the road well. Therefore, before driving, make sure the wipers are in good condition. Also, check the glass cleaning water and make sure it is still full.

4. Wash the Electric Car Immediately

Every rainwater contains acids. This one chemical element can cause corrosion on the surface of the vehicle. Therefore, immediately wash the electric car after you drive when it rains to remove dirt as well as remaining rainwater that still sticks.

Unlike what many people worry about, maintaining an electric car is not as difficult as we think. By following the tips above, your electric car will last just like an internal combustion car. Therefore, to support the achievement of electric vehicles as a whole, there is no need to hesitate anymore to replace or buy an electric car.

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