Battery-based EV in Indonesia, What is the Percent Readiness?

Battery-based EV in Indonesia, What is the Percent Readiness? – The Ministry of Transportation is preparing a road map to support the Battery-Based Electric Motor Vehicle (KBLBB) program for road transportation in Indonesia, according to Presidential Regulation Number 55 of 2019.

Battery-based EV in Indonesia, What is the Percent Readiness?

“We have coordinated this Road Map with Kemkomarvest. Next week we will present it in a more detailed discussion so that it can be used as a guideline or benchmark for related stakeholders,” said Budi Karya Sumadi as Minister of Transportation in Jakarta, Thursday (20/5/2021)

He claimed that a number of efforts had been made by the Ministry of Transportation to accelerate the KBLBB program in Indonesia.

Among them are issuing several regulations, using KBLBB as the operational vehicle for the Ministry of Transportation, encouraging public transportation (Transjakarta, Damri, Airport Transport) to use buses with electric power, and encouraging the use of electric buses through the Buy The Service (BTS) Program in several cities.

In addition, he also plans to use KBLBB as an operational vehicle in 3 (three) pilot cities in Indonesia, namely DKI Jakarta, West Java, and Bali.

“Electric vehicles can also be a preference for Indonesia to become an exporting country for electric vehicles, and we have Patimban Port which is very open for the development of the electric car industry,” said the Minister of Transportation. “Because it has a car terminal which is prioritized for export or intercity”.

Budi also hopes for support from related stakeholders, to jointly make electric vehicles a mass necessity in Indonesia.

His party has also coordinated with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources and PLN to provide charging points at transportation nodes, namely at the Railway Station in Jakarta. Hopefully, this policy can open up many jobs.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Presidential Staff Office, Moeldoko, who is also the Chairman of the Indonesian Electric Vehicle Industry Association, expressed his appreciation to encourage the acceleration of the KBLBB program in Indonesia.

“Because this is also part of the responsibility of the Indonesian government, especially the President of Indonesia, for the Paris protocol to reduce CO2 gas and pollution by using electric buses, electric cars/motorbikes, and electric bicycles,” said Moeldoko.

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