Battery Indicator Light On – Signs of Damaged Car Battery?

Battery Indicator Light On – Signs of Damaged Car Battery? – There are several reasons why the battery indicator light is on. One of them is improper charging. How to handle it?

Battery Indicator Light On – Signs of Damaged Car Battery?

Some new users of a vehicle, especially cars, may find it difficult to recognize signs of damage to the vehicle. The limited information makes car owners panic when they see the indicator light on the speedometer. One of them is the battery indicator light on. Not without reason, because it’s the battery that has a problem and can even cause the car to break down.

Battery Indicator Light On
Battery indicator is ON. Source: Carmudi

But you don’t need to worry, here are some of the causes of the battery indicator on, not just a sign of a weak or damaged car battery. There are several other causes that need to be checked so that there are no mistakes in handling repairs.

Let’s look at the explanation of the cause of the battery indicator light on and how to overcome it.

Cause the Battery Indicator Light is On

Some modern cars already use the ECU (electronic control unit) which makes car problems can be detected through the indicator light. This indicator light will light up for several reasons.

1. Electrical system error

The first cause is a fault in the electrical system. It could be caused by a problem with charging the electric current or because the battery won’t charge.

The battery indicator light on can be caused by a loose alternator dynamo or a worn carbon brush. This causes the alternator dynamo can not generate electricity.

2. Undercharged or overcharged alternator dynamo

The explanation is as follows. The electricity demand must match the supply. There is a component called an alternator that functions to convert rotary power into electrical energy. Generally, the electrical energy released has a voltage of 13 volts to 15.2 volts. If the power supply from the alternator is below or at that number, it is undercharged or overcharged.

This should not be taken lightly. A car that is left in an undercharged condition at any time can break down and cannot be started because starting the car requires a large amount of electrical energy.

On the other hand, if it is overcharged, the battery can explode. Excessive supply from the alternator can cause heat to the battery and it is not impossible to explode because of the pressure from the heat.

3. Bad Battery

Apart from the alternator dynamo, this unsuitable charging condition can also be caused by a bad battery. Normally this indicator light will turn off when the engine is running. This means that the charging system has produced an electric charge. So, it does not mean the battery is damaged.

Even though the battery indicator light is no longer on after the engine starts, you must remain vigilant by checking the components related to the car’s electrical system.

4. Corroded or lose battery cables

In addition to a charging system error, the battery indicator light on can be caused by a corroded or loose battery cable. If all of the components above have been checked, it means that there is most likely a problem with the battery such as a rusty cable terminal or a damaged battery cell in the battery.

To know for sure, it’s better to take your car to the nearest repair shop so that repairs are carried out immediately before it has a bad impact on the battery.

How to Overcome a Lit Battery Indicator Light

After knowing the exact cause, it will be easier for you to find a solution to overcome this flame battery indicator light.

Battery Indicator Light On
Source: Motor Hills

First, check the condition of the carbon brush on the alternator dynamo. If this component has run out or is frozen, then you need to replace it with a new one. If it is the accumulator that causes the battery indicator light to turn on, then the accumulator needs to be replaced only if this component is worn out.

Then, don’t forget to check the car battery regularly. The battery has a service life limit that will not be able to work optimally without maintenance or replacing a new battery. You can check the volume of the battery fluid if you use a wet battery.

In addition, the storage of electricity in the battery must also be maintained. The trick is to heat the car for at least 7-10 days for 15 minutes. A car that is not or rarely used will reduce about 3 percent of the electricity supply to the battery. Not only is it heated in the garage, but you can also walk around the housing complex for 15-30 minutes so that the car battery still gets an electric charge.

The next way is to check whether it is overcharged or undercharged. If it is overcharged, then when I touch it, it will feel excessive heat or water will come out of the battery cover. If it’s not hot, it’s possible that the battery is undercharged. Undercharged cars must first turn off their electrical loads.

By maintaining the condition of the battery, the performance of the battery will be more optimal. This is expected to be able to overcome the battery indicator light on.

That was information about the cause of the battery indicator light on and how to fix it. Do not wait until it is damaged before checking the condition of the battery and checking other car components.

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