Best-selling Toyota in the Country Using CVT Transmission

Best-selling Toyota in the Country Using CVT Transmission – CVT is a new transmission that supports the achievement of high energy efficiency in every country. This makes them worry about the energy crisis can be reduced. However, the use of CVT, which has actually been around for a long time, has received a bad response from consumers. Honda and Nissan for example. Both of these manufacturers have issued quite a lot of CVT transmissions for their cars. And in fact, the problems with CVT transmissions for Honda and Nissan have been persistent complaints by consumers even to this day. However, automotive manufacturers must use this type of transmission because there is no energy-efficient alternative for ICE cars. Well, this time we will look at Toyota cars that use CVT.

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Best-selling Toyota in the Country Using CVT Transmission

Toyota in the Country Using CVT Transmission

In Indonesia, Toyota has issued CVT transmissions only for medium to high-end vehicles. For Toyota’s cheap car version, they issued a conventional transmission. An automatic transmission that uses a gear and torque converter as a fluid clutch. This transmission is fairly tough and not too much to complain about. However, it seems that Toyota inevitably has to replace the conventional automatic transmission with a new Toyota CVT transmission.

Toyota CVT transmission that they just named the D-CVT. It has advantages over Honda’s and even Nissan’s CVT transmissions. With the advantages they have, Toyota then ventured to put it into their best-selling MPV in this country. What are these cars and are they likely to have the same fate as the CVT on Honda and Nissan?

Veloz 2022 – Using CVT Transmission

Toyota’s first car to use a CVT was the Veloz. Toyota Veloz 2022 indeed proves to be more efficient when we compare it to the previous generation. Consumption in the city reaches 15.1 km/liter, although the drive system moves to the front wheels (FWD). However, this may be the effect of using a CVT transmission. This is because Toyota still uses the same engine, the 2NR-VE engine.

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Toyota in the Country Using CVT Transmission
All New Veloz 2022 – Using FWD and CVT

The 2NR-VE engine is an engine with Dual VVT-i technology. This engine capacity reaches 106 hp/6,000 rpm and 137.2 Nm at 4,200 RPM. As a result, when we tested it accelerated from 0-100 km/h, this Toyota Veloz Q CVT TSS finished in 13.1 seconds.

Although enough for a 7-passenger 1,500 cc MPV, the figure is 0.5 seconds slower than the previous generation Veloz. In the previous generation, the value reached 12.6 seconds. Our guess is that it can’t be separated from the transmission feature that creates the sensation of shifting gears. Toyota CVT transmission in general will hang the engine speed at high speed when fully accelerated.

However, in the CVT Veloz 2022, there is a shifting sensation which is marked by a decrease in engine speed after approaching the redline. Although the sensation feels exciting, when a shiting sensation appears (the engine speed has dropped), it actually prolongs the acceleration time.

This only happens when the driver fully steps on the gas pedal. In normal treading or even eco-driving, there is only the smooth transfer of power as CVT in general.

All-New Toyota Avanza 2022

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The All-New Toyota Avanza has used a CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission) type automatic transmission. The type of Toyota CVT transmission is different from the torque converter or AT (Automatic Transmission) that Avanza uses now. Then what are the advantages of this CVT transmission? Both the CVT transmission and the torque converter transmission actually have the same concept, which is to just step on the gas pedal without having to step on the clutch pedal. Even though they are conceptually the same, they are technologically very different.

Toyota in the Country Using CVT Transmission
The second Toyota in the Country Using CVT Transmission is All New Avanza 2022.

The most basic difference is in how it works. The torque converter automatic transmission uses a planetary gear set. In addition, the systematic torque converter is useful as a replacement for the clutch device in a manual transmission.

A torque converter works by utilizing oil pressure from the valve body which drives the input shaft. Usually, Toyota cars that use conventional automatic transmissions have a 4-speed or 4-speed system. Acceleration options consist of gears 1, 2, 3, 4, and reverse gear.

Meanwhile, the CVT automatic transmission has better technology. For example, there are two modes of operation, namely automatic and manual. There is also a paddle-shift feature that gives the driver the sensation of moving the transmission with just the touch of a finger.

CVT itself is not a new technology for Toyota’s product line. New Yaris, Voxy, and Veloz are examples. In principle, the process of changing the speed level on a CVT automatic transmission is due to a change in the diameter of a pair of pulleys. We know the pulley by the name of the drive and driven pulley. Its work follows the rotation of the car engine.

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