BMW i3 End of Journey After Nine Years

BMW i3 End of Journey After Nine Years – Not a quick time to spend 9 years. It’s been a journey of nearly a decade. For a product, of course, that time is a long time. Which of course is well known by many people and of course owned by many people. However, change is of course necessary for a new breakthrough or just a refresher. This may represent the end of this BMW journey.

BMW i3 End of Journey After Nine Years

BMW has been running the production of the BMW i3 for approximately nine years. During that time, the i3 has sold at least 250,000 vehicles. This car is BMW’s first “i” brand EV. Unfortunately, the i3 will expire at the end of this summer. Still, the quirky little compact could come out with its heads held high, as the electric future it predicts is finally here.

When the BMW i3 arrived as a concept in 2011, along with the “i” stablemate BMW i8, the i3 was very futuristic. The newly launched “i” brand looks ahead, to a sci-fi future where electric cars are everywhere. It’s a future that, in the end, never happened… because we have a better future. In this future, almost every new car will run on electricity – but that’s normal.

Normal EV now, for the Electrify America parrot ad campaign. They weren’t normal in 2011, a year before the first Tesla Model S rolled off the assembly line, and the BMW i wasn’t even trying to look normal. They wear their distinction with pride, and even avoid the “hybrid” tag, even on the Rex-equipped i3.

The BMW i3 will not have a direct replacement built from the same high-tech, high-cost, lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber structure. Instead, the i3 will be indirectly replaced by the iX1 – the all-electric version of the BMW X1 crossover that sits just below the iX3 – and the electric version of the next-generation MINI Cooper.

The car is being built as part of a joint venture between BMW and Chinese automaker Great Wall Motors called Spotlight Automotive.

For their part, BMW executives think i3 fans will be well served by the company’s new EV. “Today’s customers who want a fully electric city car that is perfectly designed for urban driving or a compact yet spacious vehicle for an active lifestyle will be perfectly catered for by the Mini Electric or the upcoming BMW iX1,” a BMW UK spokesperson told Autocar. . “By the end of this year, the BMW Group will have six BEV models on the market, with that number growing to 13 by 2023.”

The final BMW i3 will be launched from the Leipzig assembly line at the end of July 2022.

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