Can Nissan Navara Use Biodiesel?

Can Nissan Navara Use Biodiesel? – The restlessness of the world community in facing the world energy crisis is inevitable. It has an impact on increasing the creativity of each individual – who has an interest – in creating alternative new energy sources. One of them is the emergence of the idea to make biodiesel fuel. Very good idea for proper anticipation. The problem is is it suitable for all diesel vehicles?

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There are reports that biodiesel can cause problems with the vehicle itself. One of the problems is that it is easy for fuel to make the fuel filter dirty. Some claim the dirt is even in the form of mucus. For this problem, we will see if the Nissan Navara which has used common rail technology is compatible with biodiesel. This article will explore it further.

About Nissan Navara

Nissan Navara was born in 1985 until now. Nissan Navara has a base in Japan and the first generation has the code D21. Of course, when it was first born, Navara did not use diesel technology as advanced as now. As usual, it uses a conventional diesel fuel delivery system. Fuel delivery also uses a mechanical system.

Can Nissan Navara Use Biodiesel?
2019 Nissan Navara engine compartment view – Can Nissan Navara Use Biodiesel?

From 1998 to 2008, Nissan introduced the Navara with the Nissan Frontier. The model with the body code D22 is the successor model of Nissan Hardbody Trucks with the code D21. In the initial generation, the Navara used a 3,200 cc turbo diesel engine.

Furthermore, for the period 2007-2015, the next model is to use the D40 body code. This model is gaining popularity as the Nissan Frontier Navara. Externally, this model looks more modern than the previous generation. This model uses a body line design that is firm and rounded, in contrast to the previous generation which is squared. For the business of the engine, this model uses a 2,500 cc turbo diesel engine with 174 hp power.

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From 2015 to the present, the Nissan NP300 Navara is the latest generation of the Nissan Navara family. For this generation, Nissan introduced it in March 2015. This model brings a design that is quite different from the previous generation. As for the engine, it still uses a 2,500 cc turbo diesel engine and has used common rail technology. There is a difference in the power generated from the engine with the code YD25DDTi.

For the VL A/T and VL M/T variants, the Navara produces 190 hp and 450 Nm of torque. Very large for a double cabin pickup class car. While the SL M/T variant bears the entry level, the engine releases 163 hp of power with 403 Nm of torque.

In the midst of the issue that diesel engines with common rail technology are not compatible with biodiesel, is Navara also included? Or can the Nissan Navara use Biodiesel? We will answer this in the following section.

Can Nissan Navara Use Biodiesel?

Nissan Navara has a 2,500 cc turbodiesel engine coded YD25DDTi. This machine produces a fairly large power and torque. In the last generation, the NP 300, this engine is capable of producing 190 hp and 450 Nm of torque. The engine was apparently still able to use fuel with a low cetane. So there is no need to worry if it is difficult to find fuel with good cetane levels.

Can Nissan Navara Use Biodiesel?
Image shows left; 1998 Nissan Navara Fuel Filter and right; 2012 Nissan Navara fuel filter. The two look very different from each other. For the old Nissan Navara, it is much simpler even though placing it will make it a little difficult for mechanics to replace during maintenance. Meanwhile, the newer Navara is in the engine room. In addition to its simple shape, the position also makes it easy to replace the fuel filter for mechanics. The difference is not only in position but also in the grille inside the filter which adapts to the latest fuel and delivery technologies.

The Navara engine already uses the common rail system. In some cases, a diesel engine with a common rail system must use a high cetane number. However, some of the ones we met, even though Nissan Navara uses common rail, can still use biodiesel.

One of the heads of the Nissan and Datsun specialty workshops said that diesel fuel used to be different from now. Diesel fuel in the past was better than now according to him. This statement is in line with our finding that some vehicles that use biodiesel in fact often experience problems. Meanwhile, those that do not use biodiesel (higher CN) cars are in fine condition.

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However, the Navara is quite tough compared to other diesel cars. Even though using biodiesel, Navara can still work well. It’s just that, we need to use the fuel filter more often than under normal conditions. For example, if you change the diesel fuel filter once every 5,000 km, then when using biodiesel you should replace the filter every 2,500 km. This is twice as much as when the car uses ordinary fuel.

Why is that? This is because in biodiesel there are many ester compounds. This compound is believed to be able to remove dirt in the fuel tank and fuel lines. Thus, more dirt will settle in the diesel filter. And therefore we have to replace the diesel filter more often.

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