Causes of Car Spark Plugs Easily Dead

Causes of Car Spark Plugs Easily Dead – Car spark plugs have an important role for gasoline engine cars. This is because the spark plug is responsible for burning the compressed air and fuel mixture in the engine. For motorcycles, it could be that when there is a problem with the spark plug, the engine will immediately die. As for cars, which generally use more than one spark plug, when a problem occurs with one of the spark plugs, the effect does not immediately turn off the engine, but the engine will feel limp and vibrate when on the gas.

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Causes of Car Spark Plugs Easily Dead

Causes of Car Spark Plugs Easily Dead
Causes of Car Spark Plugs Easily Dead.

Yes… a car engine whose condition vibrates and limp when driving is also very uncomfortable, even the fear of the car breaking down will also get bigger. To overcome this, one solution is to replace all existing spark plugs with new spark plugs.

On several occasions after the spark plugs were replaced, the engine again experienced the same problem. After checking, it turns out that the spark plug is dead again. How come? What caused it ?

Here are the causes of car spark plugs dying quickly even though the car spark plugs have not been replaced with new ones.

1. Oil Wet Combustion Chamber

Causes of Car Spark Plugs Easily Dead
Oil Wet Combustion Chamber.

One of the causes of car spark plugs dying quickly is because the engine compartment is wet with oil. These oils seal and prevent the spark plug from sparking properly. As a result, the flow of electricity at the spark plugs becomes disrupted and can even damage other car components such as the coil or the power transistor.

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The condition of the engine room that is wet with oil is generally caused by the condition of the engine cylinder walls that have experienced wear and tear so that the oil ring cannot prevent oil from entering the engine compartment.

If this is the case, generally the car will emit bluish white smoke in the exhaust and will smell like burning engine oil.

2. Ignition System Line Short

A short in the ignition line can also be the cause of the car’s spark plugs dying quickly. For example, a spark plug cable whose outer protective rubber is torn and leaks will cause an electric current that should have entered the spark plug to go directly to the engine body.

The conditions of a shorted ignition path will certainly affect the performance of the spark plug and can easily cause the spark plug to die quickly. Therefore, checking the ignition path before replacing the spark plug can be a consideration to do.

3. Too Much Gasoline in Combustion Chamber

The amount of gasoline that is too much in the engine room can also be the cause of the car’s spark plugs dying quickly. Too much gasoline will make the surface of the spark plug always wet and difficult to ignite.

Causes of Car Spark Plugs Easily Dead
Injector Leak.

This is often encountered in car engines that use a carburetor as a fuel supply. Even so, car engines with EFI systems can also experience the same thing.

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For the EFI system, generally because the injectors have started to get dirty, the gasoline that is sprayed is no longer in the form of spray mist.

4. Wrong Use and Type of Spark Plug

Like oil, spark plugs also have different types and types for each engine. There are hot type spark plugs, there are also cold type spark plugs. Often encountered during service at the workshop, spark plugs that match the specifications of our car are empty and out of stock.

Generally, often looking for replacement types with similar spark plugs. It could be, the type and spark plugs used are not in accordance with the specifications of the spark plugs required by the type of our car engine. As a result, spark plugs can not last long in the engine.

5. Inappropriate Use of Fuel

One of the other causes that make car spark plugs die quickly is the use of fuel that is not in accordance with the needs of the engine.

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For example, the engine is supposed to use “Unleaded” fuel or the term unleaded fuel, but instead we insist on using fuel that contains lead.

This method will affect the condition of the engine combustion chamber, the engine room will become dirty quickly due to lead so that it will also affect the condition of the spark plugs in it. As a result, the car’s spark plugs die quickly.

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