Causes of DTC P0016 and How to Solve It – Causes of DTC P0016 and how to solve it – You may be having problems with your car. The car is hard to start or even doesn’t start at all and that makes you panic now. Then, it turns out that after you do a manual scan or use an OBD II scanner and find DTC code P0016. This is a problem that often occurs in cars with fuel injection systems. And some people find it difficult to overcome the problem. Therefore, I will try to explain what is the cause of DTC P0016 on your car and also how to solve the problem.

Causes of DTC P0016 and How to Solve It on Your Car

Causes of DTC P0016

In solving a problem with your car’s engine, there are several steps that we need to learn. Of course, understanding the concept of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles properly will really help us in overcoming a problem. Although it’s not a necessity because the problem doesn’t involve every part of an ICE machine. The most important thing for a machine when it encounters a problem is understanding the specific part that is faulty. Of course, in this case, we will first understand the meaning of DTC P0016 well before solving the problem.

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What Does DTC P0016 Mean?

DTC or Data Trouble Code is a set of codes that will appear when the car has a problem. These codes are stored in the engine control unit (ECU) of the car. Each code will represent a problem that refers to a specific component, be it a sensor or an actuator. However, car manufacturers do more programming to pinpoint faults with the sensors on the car. Thus, DTC P0016 indicates a problem with the sensor in the car. Then, what does DTC P0016 mean?

DTC P0016 will usually appear with the additional information “Camshaft Position Correlation Bank 1 Sensor A”. The meaning of this code is that there is a signal mismatch between the signal from the camshaft position sensor or CMP sensor and the crankshaft position sensor or CKP sensor.

For example the following case. Suppose the CMP sensor detects that one of the pistons is at TDC and sends it to the ECU. But at the same time, the CKP sensor sends a signal to the ECU stating that the piston is not yet at TDC, just like the signal from the CMP sensor is sent to the ECU. Well, these are different signal names.

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The signal difference makes the ECU lose the reference data that should be. Even though the ECU really only processes data that comes from the CMP sensor and the CKP sensor. The chaos of data originating from the two sensors is what finally the ECU must send the DTC code P0016 to provide information to the vehicle owner regarding the problems that have occurred.

What Causes DTC P0016 on Your Car?

Causes of DTC P0016

As I said above, the problem with the appearance of DTC P0016 on the car indicates a signal mismatch between the CMP sensor and the CKP sensor. The problem is why can there be an out-of-sync signal coming from the CMP and CKP sensors. This is what we will discuss in this section. If the DTC code P0016 appears, there are several causes that often occur. The reasons are as follows;

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  1. The timing chain or timing belt is too loose and can cause the ignition to advance or reverse. This results in a discrepancy between the CMP sensor readings and the CKP sensors they send to the ECU.
  2. Timing installation, whether it’s a chain or a belt that’s not quite right. Usually, this is related to when a new engine makes repairs to the timing belt or timing chain. But other jobs like repairing cylinder heads or even engine overhauls can also occur.
  3. Improper replacement of the CMP sensor. When we install the CMP sensor but it is not installed properly then this creates a problem. This condition causes the position between the CMP sensor and the reluctor gear not to match and leaves a larger gap. The result is an error reading of the crankshaft position that the sensor sends to the ECU.
  4. Incorrect gap between CMP sensor and reluctor gear. There is a gap between the tip of the CMP sensor and the reluctor teeth. And it has a certain gap size. It could be that the gap is too narrow because of dirt or oil that sticks to both. So that the dirt interferes with the detection of the reluctor gear against the CMP sensor and results in incorrect data to the ECU.
  5. Problems with VVT. Usually occurs as a result of improper VVT installation. There are more, for example, due to a stuck VVT, damage to the OCV, and so on. As a result, the CMP sensor cannot correctly detect the camshaft angular position.
  6. There is damage to the CKP sensor. This includes improper installation of the CKP sensor and of course the gap between the gear reluctor and the incorrect CKP sensor.

What are the Symptoms Due to the Appearance of DTC P0016?

Causes of DTC P0016

So far we have discussed what DTC P0016 is and what causes it. We don’t need to doubt anymore that along with the appearance of DTC P0016, it will also cause symptoms in the engine. This is clear because as I said in the previous section, there is a problem with several parts of the engine so this DTC code exists. Therefore, in the following, I present the symptoms that appear on the machine when we detect DTC P0016.

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  • The check engine lamp indicator lights up.
  • Engine power is reduced and is felt when we accelerate.
  • The car is difficult to start both when the engine is cold or hot.
  • On certain machines, it usually starts but then shuts off.
  • Much more wasteful of fuel.
  • The engine gets rougher and the rpm’s are unstable.

Indeed, some of the symptoms above can also be due to damage to other parts or sensors in the car. Therefore, we can easily trace these symptoms if we do a scan engine and find DTC code P0016.

The Right Steps to Solve the DTC P0016 Problem

We have already discussed the causes of the DTC P0016 problem. So we come to the discussion about how to solve the DTC P0016 problem. There are several steps we must take to solve this problem. Following is the sequence of steps to troubleshoot DTC P0016.

First – Remove error code P0016 DTC by using a scanner. Then start the car engine. If necessary, drive the car for a while to make sure it doesn’t have any more problems.

Second – Physically check the CMP sensor, CKP sensor, and OCV. The examination includes; socket conditions, cable conditions, and sensors. Then clean the sensor or replace the CMP and CKP sensors. If you are in doubt then also clean the OCV and replace it if necessary.

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Third – Take measurements of these sensors and OCV and adjust them to the manufacturer’s data.

Fourth – Pay attention to the engine oil that the vehicle owner uses. Change engine oil according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If there is sludge oil, please flush the engine.

Fifth – If everything is still the same, you should check the timing chain. A loose timing chain can cause problems with DTC code P0016.

There are several cases that have occurred and with the above steps have been skipped but the result is nil. Turns out the problem was in the ECU. The ECU cannot correctly read the data that the CMP sensor or CKP sensor is sending. Therefore, if this occurs, you must have the ECU serviced or replace the ECU union.

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