Change Spark Plugs How Many Km? This is the explanation…

Change Spark Plugs How Many Km? This is the explanation… – Spark plugs in cars have a function to convert the electric voltage from the coil into sparks. These sparks are then used to ignite the compressed air and fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. With good spark plug performance, the engine can produce optimal power and engine performance.

Spark plugs also require periodic replacement. The goal is to keep the combustion in the car engine optimal so that the vehicle engine performance is always excellent.

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If the spark plug is in a damaged condition and cannot function normally, then the car will be difficult to start. In addition, the engine performance will also decrease, and the engine becomes limp making the car difficult to drive. Yes, a faulty car spark plug will affect the entire working of the engine and make the driving experience unpleasant. Therefore, we need to replace the car spark plugs regularly.

Change Spark Plugs How Many Km?

To determine how many km to replace the spark plug, we need to rely on the owner’s manual for each car. This is important to know because every car engine with a different brand and type has a different type of spark plug. These different types of spark plug greatly affect the purchase price of the spark plug as well as the lifetime of the spark plug.

As is well known, the types of spark plugs are generally divided into several types, but the most commonly used in today’s cars are of two kinds, namely non-iridum spark plugs (regular spark plugs) and iridium spark plugs.

a. Non-iridium spark plug (regular spark plug)

Non-iridium spark plugs (regular spark plugs) are common spark plugs used in older models of low compression engines. For Example, in the Mitsubishi pick-up Colt T120ss, the 2012 Daihatsu xenia gen2, the old Toyota Avanza, the Hyundai Accent, and others.

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Change Spark Plugs How Many Km?
Non-Iridium Spark plugs.

The characteristics of these ordinary spark plugs are that they are relatively cheaper than iridium spark plugs. Ordinary spark plugs are generally in the price range of IDR 30K to IDR 50K per piece. In addition, for the physical spark plug itself, we can pay attention to the tip of the electrode tip. Typical spark plugs have a wider tip electrode than iridium spark plugs.

Well, for non-iridium spark plugs, the time limit for replacing spark plugs is 15,000 km to 20,000 km, or at least once a year. For example, the 2014 Toyota Avanza. In the car maintenance guide, replace the car’s spark plugs every 20,000 km.

So, if your car engine uses ordinary spark plugs (non-iridium), then replacing the car spark plugs should be done every 20,000 km or once a year.

b. Iridium Spark Plug

Iridium spark plugs are spark plugs specially designed for use in the latest generation engines that have a higher compression. Examples, the Mitsubishi Mirage, Xpander, Toyota Calya, the latest Toyota Agya, and so on.

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Change Spark Plugs How Many Km?
Iridium Spark Plugs.

The most easily recognizable feature of iridium spark plugs is the very small, needle-like shape of the tip of the electrode tip. In addition, the price of the OEM version of iridium spark plugs also has a fairly expensive price. As an illustration, the price of one iridium spark plug for the Mitsubishi Xpander ranges from IDR 200K to 250K. So, if you have to replace the four spark plugs, the cost to replace these iridium spark plugs is around IDR 1 million.

Because the price is relatively expensive, this iridium spark plug has better quality and durability than ordinary spark plugs. So that the distance and time to replace this iridium-type car spark plug is also somewhat longer.

For example, from the owner manual of the Toyota Calya car whose engine already uses iridium spark plugs, replace the Toyota Calya spark plug every 100,000 km, or when the spark plug has reached 5 years of age.

So, if your car is already using iridium spark plugs, then replacing the car spark plugs can be done every 100,000 km or after 5 years of use.

Replace the Spark Plug Due to Particular Conditions – Change Spark Plugs How Many Km?

Although on paper each spark plug has a replacement schedule that has been set by the manufacturer, there are certain conditions that can make the replacement of spark plugs faster than the existing schedule.

Change Spark Plugs How Many Km?
We have to replace the spark plugs when a problem occurs even though the distance (km) has not been met.

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Generally, this occurs due to poor engine maintenance so that the car engine experiences various engine problems. Yes, a problematic car engine can be the cause of the car’s spark plugs being quickly replaced. From what I know, there are at least 5 engine problems that often cause spark plugs to die quickly and need to be replaced, including:

  1. The engine combustion chamber is always wet with oil.
  2. There is a short ignition path.
  3. Too much gasoline in the combustion chamber.
  4. Inappropriate use of fuel.
  5. Using the wrong type of spark plug.

For more details, please read the article Causes of fast car spark plugs that I have posted before. Well, engine problems like the one above often make car spark plugs quickly damaged due to spark plugs not working normally. If this condition applies, it is necessary to check the spark plug more carefully before replacing the spark plug.

In conclusion, in the article, how many km is this car spark plug replacement, we can see that changing car spark plugs can be done every 20,000 km for ordinary spark plugs, and 100,000 km for iridium spark plugs with additional conditions, spark plugs can be replaced more quickly if there are some engine problems that have already occurred. mentioned earlier.

That’s how many kilometers of car spark plug information I can convey, I hope this information can be useful for you.

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