Check CVT Problems Before Buying a Used Honda and Nissan

Check CVT Problems Before Buying a Used Honda and Nissan – A car with a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) type automatic transmission has many advantages, but there are clearly drawbacks to a CVT as good as it is. Honda and Nissan use this type of automatic transmission in their cars. In Asia, cars such as the Honda Jazz, Mobilio, Brio, City, Nissan Grand Livina, X-Trail, and Toyota Sienta use this type of transmission.

Check CVT Problems Before Buying a Used Honda and Nissan

One of the main advantages of the CVT type transmission is comfort when driving, especially during acceleration. This is because the CVT transmission has a smoother gearshift capability. This capability comes from the infinite number of speed gear transitions on the transmission. If in other types of automatic transmission there is 1st gear, 2nd gear, and so on. We will not see this in cars with CVT transmissions.

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Check CVT Problems Before Buying a Used Honda and Nissan
CVT Nissan on Trouble.

The CVT transmission consists of two pulleys and a steel belt. These two main components make gearshifts continuous and smooth while working.

But there is a threat besides the pleasure of driving a CVT transmission car. So, you should be more vigilant when buying a used Honda or Nissan car.

One of the experts in handling CVT transmissions for Honda cars and some for Nissan cars.

“When it comes to CVT problems, we often encounter problems with new Honda cars, for example, the Hoda Mobilio case. This is because there are more users,” he said.

One of the complaints that Honda owners often make is the buzzing problem of the Honda CVT. Meanwhile, another problem that is no less common is breaking the Honda CVT chain.

For the repair itself, actually not too difficult. However, the cost for repairs is relatively more expensive. In some cases, it can even be up to US $ 1K for a one-time Honda CVT repair.

Meanwhile, there are also problems that often occur with Nissan with CVT transmissions, namely the X-Trail, Grand Livina and Juke.

“If the X-Trail is on average at D, the car doesn’t want to move. Even if the car can move a maximum of only up to 2nd gear, the engine roars, and the car can’t move anymore,” he added.

“That’s the problem in the step motor, the replacement needs a valve body unit and a step motor,” he added.

In addition, there is also roughness from the CVT bearing, the solution is to replace the CVT bearing so that the rough sound in the CVT transmission is lost.

Then the problem with the Grand Livina CVT, a complaint he often encounters is when the acceleration is empty and the car can’t move. Almost not much different from what happened to Honda cars.

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