Difference Between CVT Transmission vs Direct Shift-CVT

Difference Between CVT Transmission vs Direct Shift-CVT – Okay, this time we will talk about the differences between Toyota’s CVT and other car companies’ CVTs such as Honda and Nissan. Both are CVTs but Honda and Nissan many say that it is not so powerful. Then what about Toyota’s CVT, is it the same? We will try to discuss it in general, although it can still represent the difference.

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Difference Between CVT Transmission vs Direct Shift-CVT

CVT Transmission vs Direct Shift-CVT
CVT Transmission vs Direct Shift-CVT: Direct Shift-CVT Toyota.

The difference between the Toyota CVT VS other CVTs is in the virtual gear. Direct Shift-CVT from Toyota has “virtual gear”. We can move this virtual gear manually (Sport Sequential Shiftmatic). For example on the Toyota Voxy, this virtual gear reaches 10-speed.

Furthermore, what is Direct Shift-CVT and how is it different from a regular CVT transmission?

Transmission CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) usually uses a pair of pulleys. We know these pulleys as drive and driven pulleys. In addition, on the CVT there is a steel belt as a driver.

CVT Transmission vs Direct Shift-CVT
Direct Shift-CVT Low and High Gear.

The two sides of each pulley can move to the right or to the left so that the width of the two pulleys can change. The pulley will widen or narrow according to the speed of the vehicle. When the engine speed is low, the drive pulley will be wider than the driven pulley. On the other hand, at high speed, the drive pulley will be narrower and the driven pulley will be wider. And so on, the car starts moving to rest.

The change automatically changes the belt diameter on both pulleys. This mechanism makes CVT transmissions have a wide gear ratio.

Then what about the Toyota CVT? Well, the Direct Shift-CVT made by Toyota is different from the usual CVT transmission. In addition to a pair of pulleys, in Direct Shift-CVT Toyota provides a set of launch gear.

CVT Transmission vs Direct Shift-CVT
Continuously variable transmission (CVT). Image source: Edmunds

Launch gear with a fixed gear ratio (fixed gear ratio) is like gear 1 in the transmission in general. Launch gear is only used when the car accelerates from rest.

When the car has driven at a certain speed, the launch gear will stop working. Instead what worked was a pair of CVT pulleys. CVT work in this condition is the same as CVT work on other cars, for example on Nissan and Honda.

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This launch gear application not only makes the CVT transmission response faster but also efficient in processing fuel. So, it is possible that the efficiency of Toyota cars will be better than other cars.

So that’s the difference between Toyota’s direct Shift-CVT vs a regular CVT transmission.

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