Facts about the Ioniq 5 case, the battery drops 0% and can’t be charged

Facts about the Ioniq 5 case, the battery drops 0% and can’t be charged – Facts about the Ioniq 5 Case, 0% Battery Drop and Failed to Recharge – On TikTok a few days ago it went viral with a video of some people pushing an electric car. It turned out to be an electric car from Hyundai Motor, namely the Ioniq 5 car.

After we observe, it appears that the electric car was having problems with the HV battery or high voltage battery. The battery is experiencing a sudden drop. Even in the video upload, they state that the Hyundai electric car battery cannot recharge. So the owner took the car to the repair shop.

Facts about the Ioniq 5 case, the battery drops 0% and can’t be charged

What are the real facts? Actually, this is the first video from an Instagram upload with the name @shahrivarashram. Precisely in one of the comments columns. He shared that he had only used the Hyundai Ioniq 5 with a range of 7,000 km in three months. But the problem is the battery has dropped 0% and can’t be charged.


Facts about the Ioniq 5 case

Furthermore, on one of the TikTok accounts @jeeplife.id there was also someone who commented “Want to ask for help so that Hyundai takes this problem seriously because it’s also dangerous if it suddenly dies on the road it drops from 80% to 0% so that Hyundai also wants to ask for help. share my experience because my car just happened to be hit by this case for the first time in Indonesia.”

In the video, they stated that when they wanted to use an electric car in the garage, the car battery suddenly dropped from 80% to 0%. He couldn’t even use the car. In addition, the Ioniq 5 cannot recharge. Even though it’s connected to the battery charging connector, the battery condition is still 0%. Finally, they had to tow the car and push it to the repair shop.

“Currently the car is under investigation/repair at Hyundai Leuwipanjang Bandung,” reads the description on the video. Here is a TikTok video related to this case.


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In the TikTok video, they explained: “The first case of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 battery dropped? #ioniq5indonesia #hyundaiioniq5 #mobillistrik #ioniq5 #mobillistrikindonesia #wulingairev #airev #hyundai“.

How does Hyundai respond to the fact of the Ioniq 5 case, the battery drops 0% and fails to charge again?

In this case, even detikcom also contacted the Hyundai motor. In the news that detikcom uploaded, they stated that they had contacted Hyundai Motor Indonesia (HMID) to ask for a response regarding this case. Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Hyundai Motors Indonesia, Makmur said, his party was checking the condition of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 electric car regarding the report.

Makmur said that the Hyundai mechanic team is investigating and making sure the owner doesn’t have to worry because there is a warranty. He even asked Hyundai consumers to contact the Hyundai call center directly when there was a problem with their car.

Untuk kita ketahui bersama bahwa Hyundai Ioniq 5 memiliki baterai Lithium Ion 58 kWh untuk tipe standar dan 72,6 kWh untuk tipe Long Range. Hyundai IONIQ 5 juga memiliki jarak tempuh yang tergolong panjang. Pada varian Prime Standard dan Signature Standard, kendaraan bisa menempuh 384 kilometer dalam kondisi baterai penuh. Sementara tipe Prime Long Range bisa menempuh 481 km dan Signature Long Range 451 km.

Hyundai telah menjamin purnajual Hyundai Ioniq 5 dengan garansi yang cukup panjang. Hyundai memberikan jaminan untuk Ioniq 5 termasuk high voltage battery selama 8 tahun/160.000 km. Itu mana yang tercapai lebih dulu tentu saja. Selain itu, masih ada lagi yang lain yakni garansi kendaraan tiga tahun/100.000 km (mana yang tercapai lebih dulu).

Hyundai juga memberikan gratis jasa perawatan berkala 5 tahun/75.000 km (mana yang tercapai lebih dulu), gratis sparepart untuk perawatan berkala 3 tahun atau 45.000 km (mana yang tercapai lebih dulu). Dan terakhir ada layanan Hyundai Roadside Assistance.

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