Ferrari will Bring the Real World to the Metaverse

Ferrari will Bring the Real World to the Metaverse – After a lot of talk about the involvement of Japanese car manufacturers such as Toyota, Hyundai, and Nissan, now it’s Ferrari’s turn to try to get involved in the metaverse. Ferrari has become an icon of car manufacturing in the real world. Now Ferrari NV wants to strengthen its brand also in the metaverse.

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Ferrari will Bring the Real World to the Metaverse

Ferrari will Bring the Real World to the Metaverse
Ferrari tries to make a fortune by participating in the metaverse. Image source: Ferrari Westlake

To focus on the goals of their engagement, the Italian luxury automaker has set up a new department. A department focused on digital services that explore the emerging opportunities of a space that blends virtual reality, gaming, and social media. This is the statement of Chief Executive Officer Benedetto Vigna some time ago through Bloomberg. The push also includes technologies such as blockchain and tokens. A new big step that is currently an obligation of the world’s car makers.

“It’s important to see new technologies that can help our brand,” said Vigna. This he conveyed during a conference call with analysts. Ferrari is working on a new technology partnership, he further said.

Actually, the new metaverse is in the process of solidifying their ‘life’. The metaverse that lives on top of AR and VR continues to improve day by day. Nevertheless, some tech giants see it as the future of human communication and interaction. Owner Mark Zuckerberg calls the space “the next frontier”. This happened when he changed his company name from Facebook to Meta Platforms Inc. last year. The commercial opportunities in the metaverse are one of the reasons why Microsoft Corp. bought game publisher Activision Blizzard Inc. in its biggest deal.

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Ferrari has a history in digital entertainment. The company last year made the 296 GTB model. But until now they have not released the model. The shiny red Testarossa was the star of ‘Out Run,’ a blockbuster arcade racing game released by Sega in 1986 and later ported to consoles and home computers, becoming one of the best-selling books of the era. Ferrari is in the midst of a major overhaul as Vigna, which joined the semiconductor industry last year, tries to speed up the company’s shift to batteries.

We will next see how the world’s automotive companies will compete with each other in the metaverse. Although Ferrari has a great reputation in the real world, we don’t know if it will be able to compete in this virtual world. Whatever the result, all the world’s automotive companies feel obliged to enter the metaverse as part of their future.

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