Ford Digital Studio Enters the Metaverse Universe

Ford Digital Studio Enters the Metaverse Universe – The metaverse becomes a new universe in the world of technology and possibly the real world. Since Facebook changed its name to Meta since then everything began to shift towards the metaverse world. This is none other because this new world is able to support new life for technology lovers and so is for the automotive world. One that entered the world of the metaverse was Ford.

Ford Digital Studio Enters the Metaverse Universe

Ford Digital Studio Enters the Metaverse
Ford Digitas Studio Metaverse. Edited image: raillynews

Ford Turkey started all this. They offer customers the opportunity to have their Ford model checked out wherever they are. Ford’s party uses the Ford Digital Studio. This move takes a pioneering approach in technology one step further. The company brought Ford Digital Studio into the Metaverse universe. This is a new breakthrough in the automotive industry within the scope of the discourse of “living in the future today”.

In terms of sales, Ford Turkey is a leader in the field of gasification, maybe even in-vehicle technology. As a brand that “makes the future live today”, it also has its place in the Metaverse. As we know, the metaverse has recently become a major attraction for those who are interested in technology and is attracting attention with its parallel virtual world features. In a state of metaverse hype, Ford Turkey does not want to be left behind. He raised the bar for customer experience by applying his innovative technology application “Ford Digital Studio” to enter the Metaverse. This is actually a technology that they built in 2020 and is already operational. With the inclusion of Ford Digital Studio, this is the first digital studio in the Metaverse world.

Ford Digital Studio later changed its name to Ford Digital Studio Metaverse. It fills an important place in Ford’s picture of the future of the automotive world and the story behind it. A project that attracts attention with its design and content. In addition, the project emphasizes the pioneering role of brands in technology. Thus, Ford has at least revealed the future of the changing car world.

Ford Digital Studio Metaverse, Electric Cars, and Interactive Games

Ford Digital Studio Enters the Metaverse
Image source: XR Today

Many doubted the fact that the Metaverse was able to become a new place for the automotive world. But not for the bona fide Ford company. Through Ford Digital Studio, Ford has clearly entered a new world of the Metaverse. How can that happen?

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Visitors to the ground floor of the Ford Digital Studio in the Metaverse first greeted Europe’s most powerful electric commercial vehicle. Yes, Ford’s electric vehicles are the E-Transit and the iconic electric SUV, the Mustang Mach E, which is inspired by the Ford Mustang. Visitors who can access the website with detailed information by clicking on the vehicle can also check the AR version of the vehicle by scanning the QR Code next to the vehicle on their mobile phone.

Furthermore, those who visit Ford Digital Studio have the opportunity to see the Ford Tourneo Courier, Ford Kuga, and Ford Puma models in detail. In the same area, they can also get more detailed information about the company and the latest developments through social media and Ford Turkey website links. In addition, it is also possible for visitors to have live conversations with customer representatives who are available online at the welcome booth between 12:00 and 22:00 daily.

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On the first floor of the Ford Digital Studio Metaverse, there are various concept areas. The “Ford Performance Corner” offers an opportunity to experience the performance of Ford vehicles. There is also a “Ford E Corner” which is a holographic interaction area where the E-Transit and Ford charging stations are located. On the top floor of the Ford Digital Studio Metaverse, there is an area for events.

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