Henri Hihacks Turns Audi S6 into Tesla Cybertruck

Henri Hihacks Turns Audi S6 into Tesla Cybertruck – Impatient, this Youtuber is determined to turn the Audi S6 into a Tesla Cybertruck.

Henri Hihacks Turns Audi S6 into Tesla Cybertruck

The phenomenal Tesla Cybertruck is alleged to be the most fashionable pickup and is currently entering the production line. This electric pickup with a futuristic and striking design is reportedly ready to be shipped to consumers as early as the end of 2021.

Can’t wait for the Tesla Cybertruck to be ordered, a Youtuber named Henri Hihacks does something reckless.

How come? He is willing to modify the total Audi S6 station wagon so that it looks like the Tesla Cybertruck.

Apart from resembling the form of a Tesla Cybertruck, a car called Cybertank is also inspired by a tank.

The modification process starts from clearing the entire body and making a new structure using steel and iron plates. Then applied gullwing door openings and polycarbonate glass to make it look more like the Cybertruck.

The appearance of this ‘fake’ Cybertruck is a little more frightening and tall with the off-road tires attached.

To make it more eccentric and like a tank again, he also prepared an ejection rifle that was placed in the back of the pickup.

The ejection rifle did not fire a bullet but only the effect created by the fireworks. Here’s the video!


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