How do you open a Tesla Model S door? – Complete Explanation

How do you open a Tesla Model S door? – Complete Explanation – Are you a Tesla Model S owner or would you like to own a Tesla Model S? Either way, who doesn’t want this Tesla Model S from Elon Musk’s company? I think no one does not want. Everyone wants this one electric car. Not because they want to solve the problem of scarcity of fossil energy, but rather the trend that is currently developing. But do you know how to open a Model S door if you suddenly find the car for you to try? If not, let’s learn how to open this Model S door.

How do you open a Tesla Model S door? – Complete Explanation

We will start from the simplest, namely Using Exterior Door Handles.

Using Exterior Door Handles

A light press on a door handle extends it, provided Tesla Model S detects a valid key nearby.

You can set the door handles to extend automatically whenever you approach the driver’s side carrying the key. On the touchscreen, touch Controls > Settings > Vehicle > Auto-Present Handles > On.

Note: Depending on the date of manufacture and options selected at the time of purchase, some Tesla Model S vehicles are not equipped with AutoPresent Handles.

How do you open a Tesla Model S door?
Tesla Model S Door Handle. Pay attention to the directions indicated by the blue arrows.

Insert your hand into the handle and pull to open the door.

Door handles retract if you do not use them within one minute after they extend. Just press a handle to extend it again. Door handles also retract a minute after the last door closes, when Model S begins moving, and when you lock Model S.

Note: To preserve battery life, Model S is designed to temporarily disable the AutoPresent Handles feature when:

  • The key has been out of range for more than 48 hours.
  • The key remains within range for five minutes after all doors have been closed.

In these cases, extend door handles by touching one of them, or by pressing the unlock button on the key. There is no need to reset the setting. The next time you approach Model S, provided the above conditions do not apply, handles automatically extend.

How do you open a Tesla Model S door?
Whenever a door is open, the Door Open indicator displays on the instrument panel. The image of the Model S on the touchscreen Controls window also shows which door or trunk is open. Source: WhichEV.Net

Opening Doors Tesla Model S from the Interior

To open a door, pull the interior door handle toward you.

How do you open a Tesla Model S door?
Open Door Tesla Model S from the interior.

Note: To prevent children from opening rear doors using the interior handles, use the touchscreen, Controls > Settings > Vehicle > Child Protection Lock, to turn on the child protection locks

Interior Locking and Unlocking on Tesla Model S

From inside Model S, you can use the touchscreen to lock or unlock doors and trunks, provided a valid key is inside the vehicle. Touch the lock icon on the touchscreen’s status bar.

When you stop Model S and engage the Park gear, you can choose whether you want doors to unlock or remain locked. To do so, touch Controls > Settings > Vehicle > Unlock On Park. When set to ON, doors automatically unlock when you engage the Park gear.

You can also unlock doors and present handles by pressing the Park button on the end of the gear selector a second time (i.e., after pressing it one time to engage the Park gear).

Note: If a door or trunk is still open when you lock Model S, it locks when you close it.

Door Unlock Mode

You can choose whether you want all doors, or just the driver’s door, to unlock when you approach your vehicle carrying your key. To do so, touch Controls > Settings > Vehicle > Door Unlock Mode and choose Driver or All.

Child-protection Lock on Tesla Model S

Model S has child-protection locks on the rear doors and liftgate to prevent them from being opened using interior handles. Use the touchscreen to turn child protection locks on or off. Touch Controls > Settings > Vehicle > Child Protection Lock.

Note: It is recommended that you turn child protection locks on whenever children are seated in the rear seats.

Drive-away Locking

Tesla Model S automatically locks all doors (including the trunks) whenever your driving speed exceeds 8 km/h.

Walk-away Locking

Doors and trunks can automatically lock whenever you walk away carrying the key.

To turn this feature on or off, touch Controls > Settings > Vehicle > Walk-Away Door Lock.

Note: Depending on the date of manufacture and options selected at the time of purchase, some Model S vehicles are not equipped with the Walk-Away Door Lock feature.

Note: If all doors are closed and you use the key to unlock Model S, walk-away locking is temporarily suspended until the next time Model S powers on (such as when you press the Brake pedal to engage a driving gear), or until you use the key again to lock Model S. This allows you to keep Model S unlocked in your garage.

Unlocking When the Key Doesn’t Work

If Model S does not unlock when you walk up to it, or when you press the unlock button on your key, the key’s battery may be dead. If this is the case, you can still unlock and drive Tesla Model S.

To unlock Model S (and disable the security alarm), first position the key near the base of the passenger side windshield wiper, as shown. Then press the driver’s door handle. If Tesla Model S doesn’t unlock, try adjusting the position of the key. The key must be in the correct position.

How do you open a Tesla Model S door?
Unlocking When the Key Tesla Model S Doesn’t Work.

To drive Model S, place the key against the center console, immediately below the 12V power outlet, then press and hold the brake pedal to turn Model S on.

Note: Unlocking Model S using this method disables walk-away locking. You must manually re-enable walk-away locking after replacing the key’s battery.

Opening Interior Doors with No Power on Tesla Model S

If Model S has no electrical power, front doors open as usual using the interior door handles. To open the rear doors, fold back the edge of the carpet below the rear seats to expose the mechanical release cable. Pull the mechanical release cable toward the center.

How do you open a Tesla Model S door?
Opening Interior Doors with No Power on Tesla Model S.

Autopilot Features On Tesla Model S: Addition

Just like any other Tesla type. In addition to being filled with various advanced features, the Tesla Model S is also equipped with a high-security feature, namely Autopilot.

One of the most notable features of all Teslas including the Tesla Model S is the integrated safety feature called Tesla Autopilot.

This Autopilot feature relies on 12 360-degree ultrasonic sensors. The front ultrasonic radar can see the surroundings up to 160 meters ahead.

Interestingly, this Tesla Autopilot feature also allows the Tesla Model S to adapt to traffic and change lanes automatically.

This feature can also help the driver release the steering wheel, gas, and brakes for a bit of a stretch. In fact, if there is a barrier in front of you, the car will automatically brake itself.

However, to maintain the safety of the driver, this feature can not be left to sleep, yes. Because this feature must be periodically touched by the driver. Drivers must still place their hands on the steering wheel to ensure this feature is active.

To activate this feature, there will be commands that you can do via the car or the Tesla car application.

Wow, interesting and fun is not driving with a Tesla? However, make sure you use this feature wisely, okay? Always maintain the security and safety of yourself and others, if you are tired you should rest.

Tesla Model S color variant

In 2021, Tesla gives a facelift on its Model S so that there are 2 variants offered, namely Long Range and Plaid.

For this type, there are 5 color variants that can be your choice. The following color choices are presented by the Tesla Model S.

  • Gray Metallic
  • Red Mica
  • Blue Metallic
  • Solid Black
  • Pearl White

Tesla Model S advantages and disadvantages

Although the Tesla Model S is equipped with advanced performance and features. There are still advantages and disadvantages to this electric car from the United States.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before owning one.

Advantages Tesla Model S

  • High performance with complete and advanced features
  • The level of aerodynamics in the design is high
  • Designed with user safety in mind
  • Modern interior and exterior appearance
  • Has advanced autopilot features

Disadvantages Tesla Model S

  • Just like other electric cars, the price of this Tesla electric car is still relatively expensive
  • Station Charging which is still minimal in Indonesia
  • Low ground clearance

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