How to Clean a Honda Car EGR Valve

How to Clean a Honda Car EGR Valve – The problems with modern Honda cars are quite complex. This is due to demands from many parties to avoid the problem of energy scarcity, the problem of fuel efficiency, and of course the problem of exhaust emissions that can harm health for humans and other living things.

Honda got around to the problem of these demands by installing an EGR which they equipped with a heat sensor. The EGR is then connected directly to the ECU to control the amount of fuel that the injector sprays according to the engine load. In the process, the work of the EGR system will be directly involved with vehicle exhaust gases.

So when the fuel consumption does not match the octane value that the car company sets, then from here start from here the root of the problem. Combustion in the combustion chamber is imperfect. This results in a concentrated amount of exhaust gas.

With the EGR system, the exhaust gas will partially enter the EGR and cause the EGR to become a lot of crust pile. This then disrupted the work of the EGR. If so, then we have to clean the EGR of course the right way. After the EGR is clean the next step is to clean the combustion chamber and use gasoline as required by the manufacturer.

How to Clean a Honda Car EGR Valve

The method is very easy. Prepare tools and materials;

  • Wipe clean cloth.
  • Anti-rust liquid.
  • EGR cleaning fluid (injector/carb cleaner).
  • Lock lock 12 mm.
  • Long bar.
  • Rachet.
  • Gasket glue.
  • Small screwdriver if necessary.

The tools and materials are ready, just do it. Here are the steps.

  1. Open the hood and locate your Honda EGR.
  2. Remove the EGR socket (use a screwdriver to help if it is difficult to remove).
  3. Spray the anti-rust liquid on both EGR fixing nuts.
  4. Loosen the two EGR fastening bolts with a quasi-wrench, long bar, and rachet.
  5. Then remove the EGR and clean it with an injector/carb cleaner.
  6. After cleaning, give the EGR gasket with red glue and attach the EGR. Ensure that both EGR fixing nuts are secure and replace the EGR socket.

If it is, then ready for your Honda car to use again.

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