How to overcome DTC P0100 (MAF SENSOR)

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How to overcome DTC P0100 (MAF SENSOR)

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How to overcome DTC P0100
This DTC corresponds to P0101 , P0102 , P0103 , P0104.

P0100 is an error code that is read by the ECM / ECU if there is no connection connected to the Mass Air Flow sensor or the MAF does not work at all, this MAF sensor is used to measure the amount of air entering the throttle body which then enters the combustion chamber.

This sensor measures the rate of air intake by detecting the heat in the main air hose, the more air that enters, the cooler the sensor will be. In this way, the sensor detects how much air is entering the throttle body and reports the reading to the ECM / ECU.

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Possible symptoms on the DTC car show code P0100

  1. The engine indicator is on / the check engine is on
  2. There are no visible symptoms, the engine is close to normal
  3. The car is a little wasteful (excess fuel)
  4. Underpowered car engine

Possible causes of DTC showing code P0100

  1. Loose sensor socket
  2. There is an electrical short on the sensor (broken cable)
  3. Faulty ECM/ECU can show all DTCs (rare case)

How to solve Diagnostic Trouble Code P0100

Don’t rush to replace the sensor, check it manually first, and make sure there are no factors that cause the MAF sensor to work improperly (abnormally). Remove the DTC using a car diagnostic tool (scanner), run the car if it still appears, check for leaks in the air vacuum,

Clean the dirty air filter, and the dirty MAF sensor makes the readings from the sensor do not match the standard. Check for leaks in the main air hose, check for broken wires leading to the sensor. Replace the sensor if it is damaged.

My personal experience is that if this DTC appears the sensor is damaged if there is no broken cable going to the sensor, but it would be better to check it manually first

This DTC corresponds to P0101, P0102, P0103, and P0104.

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