How to Tesla Model S Software Updates?

How to Tesla Model S Software Updates? – Tesla has software on their cars. Interestingly, the software they offer to customers can be updated whenever there is a program update from Tesla. This is something that is very beneficial for customers of course. So, the car will continue to have the latest data even though the car is no longer young.

How to Tesla Model S Software Updates

How to Tesla Model S Software Updates
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Loading New Software

Model S updates its software wirelessly, providing new features throughout your term of ownership. Tesla recommends that you install software update as soon as they are available. The first time you enter Model S after an update is made available, a scheduling window displays on the touchscreen. The scheduling window displays again at the end of your first driving session.

Note: Some software updates can take from two to three hours to complete. Model S must be in P (Park) when the new software is being installed. To ensure the fastest and most reliable delivery of software updates, leave the Wi-Fi turned on and connected whenever possible

When a software update is available, a yellow clock icon appears on the touchscreen’s status bar. Touch this clock icon to display the update window. You can then either:

  • Schedule the update by setting the time you want the update to begin. Then touch Set For This Time. Once scheduled, the yellow clock icon on the touchscreen’s status bar becomes white. You can reschedule the update any time before it begins. OR
  • Touch Install Now to immediately start the update process. If Model S is charging when the software update begins, charging stops. Charging resumes automatically when the update is complete. If you are driving Model S at the scheduled update time, the update is canceled and you need to reschedule.

Note: In certain situations (for example, Tesla has determined that a software update is very important and you have not installed it within a specific time frame), the touchscreen displays a much larger software update window asking you to INSTALL NOW (no longer giving you an opportunity to set an update for a specific time). Although you can continue to drive Model S and all controls are available, this large software update window is intrusive because it persists until you install the update. Damages or failures caused by not keeping your vehicle’s software up-to-date may not be covered by the warranty.

If the touchscreen displays a message indicating that a software update was not successfully completed, contact Tesla.

Viewing Release Notes

When a software update is complete, learn about the new features by displaying the release notes. To display release notes at any time touch the Tesla “T” at the top center of the touchscreen, then touch Release Notes.

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