How to Use Tesla Model S Calendar?

How to Use Tesla Model S Calendar? – You want to know calendar data at all times while driving a car? If you have a Tesla Model S, you don’t have to worry about that problem. In this article, we will briefly discuss the calendar on the Tesla Model S.

How to Use Tesla Model S Calendar?

The Calendar app allows you to view your phone’s (iPhone® or Android) calendar for the current and next day. The Calendar app requires that:

  1. The Tesla Model S mobile app is running and you are logged in. When prompted on your phone, you must grant calendar access to the mobile app. The mobile app can then periodically (and automatically) send calendar data from your phone to Model S. Also, whenever you display the mobile app on your phone, updated calendar data is sent to Model S. To ensure you have access to all features of the Calendar app, you will need the latest version of the mobile app.
  2. Your phone is connected to Model S via Bluetooth (for privacy reasons, calendar data displays only from a phone that is connected via Bluetooth).
  3. Remote access to Model S is turned on (touch Controls > Settings > Safety & Security > Remote Access > On).
  4. Both your phone and Model S have good connectivity.

When you enter Model S, the touchscreen can display a reminder of the day’s events. You can customize if and when your calendar events are displayed by touching Controls > Settings > Apps > Calendar > Show Calendar Upon Entry.

To view scheduled events for the next 48 hours, choose the Calendar app from the main touchscreen window. The Calendar app displays events in chronological order. 

Use Tesla Model S Calendar


  1. If the calendar event includes an address, a navigation arrow displays to indicate that you can touch the address to navigate to the event’s location (if your Model S is equipped with Navigation).
  2. If a phone number is associated with a calendar event, you can touch the number to initiate a phone call.
  3. In situations where events are displayed from multiple calendars, you can filter to show only events from one or more specific calendars.
  4. If the calendar event has notes associated with it, touch the information icon to display the notes in a pop up window.
  5. If an event’s notes include one or more phone numbers, a phone symbol displays with the information icon and the first phone number found in the notes displays on the event list and you can use this number to initiate a phone call (as described in item 2 above). But you can also initiate a call from within the notes pop up window by referencing other numbers that are included in the notes (this is particularly useful for conference calls).

Calendar and Navigation

If Model S is equipped with navigation, and a calendar event has a location specified, you will be given the option to navigate to that location.

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