Hyundai Electric Car Battery Replacement Fee After Warranty Expires

Hyundai Electric Car Battery Replacement Fee After Warranty Expires – Today almost everyone has heard of electric cars or electric vehicles (EV). Not only in developed countries, but also in developing countries. Instead of just a matter of technological progress and development, it is actually a matter of the threat of world energy scarcity. But there is a problem with electric cars, namely the high cost of replacing batteries. This problem also applies to electric cars from Hyundai.

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Almost all manufacturers state that their electric car batteries can last up to 8-10 years after purchase. Thus, manufacturers including Hyundai provide a warranty within that period. Although there are some that are not up to the time the manufacturer promised, there are very few of them. Most of the time, after the warranty period, is up, electric car batteries start having problems.

Hyundai Electric Car Battery Replacement Fee After Warranty Expires

Hyundai Electric Car Battery Replacement Fee
The HV Battery on the Hyundai Ioniq5 is one of the obstacles for people to buying this car. Not because of the position or composition, but because of the high price for maintenance that we need to do later – Hyundai Electric Car Battery Replacement Fee.

The high cost of replacing EV batteries is because of a rumor. There are rumors stating that we have to replace a set of electric car batteries when they get damaged. However, this has received a rebuttal from Hyundai about these rumors. Different from previous assumptions, vehicle owners do not need to buy a set of Hyundai electric car batteries. Customers only need to pay per module.

For the problem of the price of electric car batteries, we can say that this is one of the main barriers for consumers who want to switch to electric cars. The wide range in terms of price is the main factor. But it turns out, that consumers do not have to replace the entire electric car battery when experiencing problems. Of course, the impact on the repair budget is minimal.

Replacing EV Batteries per Module

Hyundai Electric Car Battery Replacement Fee
With the latest technology owned by Hyundai, they are able to detect damage to each battery module. Thus, they can determine which module is faulty and therefore vehicle owners do not need to replace a set of batteries when experiencing battery problems. Image source: ioniqforum.

For the same segment, electric cars have a much higher price than cars with internal combustion engines (ICE). It doesn’t matter whether it’s a petrol-engined or diesel-powered car, both are priced lower than EVs in the same class. One of the biggest factors in this price range is that the price of electric car components is still quite expensive.

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Of all the components of an electric car, the most dominant and important is the HV battery. And unfortunately, the battery is the most expensive component you need to consider. Because the price of an electric car battery covers 40%-50% of the overall price of the car. With a tag starting from 48,000 US dollars, for example, the price of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 battery is in the range of 20,000 US dollars to 24,000 US dollars.

Every Hyundai electric car has received a warranty of up to 8 years or 160,000 kilometers of use. Then what if the battery has problems after the warranty period, does the user have to pay up to the amount mentioned above? The answer is no. When the car battery has a problem, the user does not need a full battery replacement. Hyundai’s electric car battery, like previous editions, is divided into several pack modules. With such a battery format, if there is damage, we can replace the damaged module only.

Hyundai can detect a faulty module

Currently, Hyundai has resolved the problem of detecting battery damage. Hyundai already has technology that can detect problems in the smallest system in a car’s battery. So that it can find out which cell or module is the problem. After that, the mechanics from Hyundai will only replace the part that has the problem.

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An example is the Hyundai Ioniq 5. The Ioniq 5 Long Range currently has up to 30 electric battery modules. Meanwhile, the Standard Range type has 24 modules. Later, the cost of repairing Hyundai’s electric battery will be adjusted according to how many modules need to be replaced. Of course, the price corresponds to the price per module, not the price of a single EV battery pack.

Of course, this information provides a breath of fresh air for potential buyers of Hyundai electric cars. Although other auto manufacturers may be able to do the same, we at least just got this information from Hyundai. So, prospective Hyundai customers, you don’t need to hesitate to buy an electric car on the grounds of battery problems. A set of HV batteries is still expensive of course, but Hyundai guarantees there is no need to buy a set for repairing battery problems.

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