Hyundai Motors Comes to the Zepeto Metaverse Platform

Hyundai Motors Comes to the Zepeto Metaverse Platform – Rapid technological developments have encouraged the emergence of new breakthroughs in the world’s automotive factories. This includes breakthroughs from Hyundai Motors. Hyundai Motors’ breakthrough is to add some unique features to its motorcycle studio on the Zepeto metaverse platform.

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Hyundai Motors Comes to the Zepeto Metaverse Platform

The Hyundai Metaverse was first launched in 2021 and right at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hyundai named the metaverse Downtown (Future). However, the name is undergoing a change at this time. But Hyundai’s goal remains the same: targeting the younger generation to learn more about the brand’s vision and future mobility solutions.

Zepeto Metaverse Platform
Image source: Hyundai Motor Group

“To build strong and long-lasting relationships with the younger generation, Hyundai Motor creates virtual experiences. This way, young people can get to know our brand vision and future mobility solutions,” said Thomas Schemera. Thomas Schemera is the Global Chief Marketing Officer of Hyundai Motors.

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Not only does it offer the sensation of a test drive of the Sonata N-line in a virtual space, but in its new look, Hyundai also presents a series of unique mobility experiences for metaverse users. Where Downtown users can try the S-A1 advanced air mobility service and the purpose-built mobility S-Link. In addition, in the Hyundai metaverse, you can also try the Hyundai S-Hub future mobility transit center service.

Recently there has been a pretty significant change from the Hyundai metaverse. Other changes are also seen in the appearance of the Hyundai Motorstudio room. We try to launch from Automotive world in its new metaverse space. Hyundai studio is now divided into two halls. For the first floor, users can watch the campaign film IONIQ, Hyundai’s iconic electric vehicle.

Not only that, on this floor, users can also enjoy the collaboration of the Hyundai and BTS vehicle exhibition entitled ‘For Tomorrow, We Won’t Wait’ accompanied by the song ‘I’m On It’ from BTS. As for the display on the second floor, visitors can see a miniature of the S-A1 vehicle. Hyundai made the miniature from a collection of environmentally friendly or upcycled clothes.

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“We will continue to use virtual reality platforms to communicate our brand vision with new virtual spaces and content. So please join us in the metaverse,” added Schemera.

In addition to holding an exhibition on the Zepeto metaverse platform, to enliven its expansion in the metaverse, Hyundai also held a challenge entitled ‘I’m On It’. In this challenge, participants can get a chance to win exclusive merchandise from BTS. Interestingly, it is enough just to upload their avatar selfie photo with BTS on Hyundai’s Zepeto platform.

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