Hyundai to Conduct Electric Bus Testing in Munich

Hyundai to Conduct Electric Bus Testing in Munich- In the competition to make electric cars, one of the most serious is Hyundai. This South Korean manufacturer has started to show its work in making electric cars through, for example, the Hyundai KONA and the Hyundai Tucson. These two cars have even begun to enter the minds of people in developing countries though. However, Hyundai is not a quick complacency when it comes to electric cars. The latest news on the development of their efforts is about going to test electric buses in Germany.

Hyundai to Conduct Electric Bus Testing in Munich

Hyundai Motor Company will work with bus operators in Munich, Germany. This collaboration will continue over the coming weeks. The goal is to run a trial run of the company’s hydrogen-powered Elec City Fuel Cell bus.

The bus is equipped with a 180kW high-capacity hydrogen fuel cell system. The system consists of two stacks of 90kW fuel cells, both with a durable hydrogen diffusion layer and the electrolyte membrane. Apart from that, the Bus will also have five hydrogen tanks storing 34kg of hydrogen on its roof, the bus has a range of 500km.

Hyundai recently handed over the test bus to the OMV Hydrogen Refueling Station in Wendling, Bavaria, to operators Ettenhuber and Geldhauser. The two bus operators will take turns using the Elec City Fuel Cell bus on the existing route in Munich.

Hyundai plans to run a pilot program with four other bus companies this year. Their goal is to gain insight from passengers and drivers. In addition, Hyundai aims to prove that hydrogen-powered buses can be used as a sustainable and efficient solution for commercial transportation.

The Elec City Fuel Cell was first commercially available in 2019 in Korea, and 108 buses have been operated to date. Having been used on many bus routes in Korea, it is estimated that carbon emission output has been reduced by 7,700 tons so far in the country, compared to using conventional buses with internal combustion engines.

“With our leading fuel cell technology, Hyundai Motor is demonstrating how mass-produced Elec City Fuel Cell buses can help reduce CO2 emissions while providing clean mobility,” commented Martin Zeilinger, executive vice president and head of CV development technology unit, Hyundai. “Running trials in this service will help us further develop our vehicles to meet the requirements of European customers.”

Hyundai stated that it is researching ways to lower the CO2 footprint of mobility solutions and plans to promote hydrogen fuel cell technology as a robust and clean transportation solution.

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