Impossible Apple Car Can ‘Kill’ Tesla as an Electric Car – Impossible Apple Car Can ‘Kill’ Tesla as an Electric Car – Apple Car may be an ambitious project from the technology company Apple. However, many judges this project will not be able to become a competitor or ‘kill’ Tesla. Why is that? That’s because many consider the Apple Car not to be a revolutionary vehicle. Mech4cars tried to quote from autoevolution, it was noted that there were 3 things that made the Apple car unable to beat the prestige of the electric car manufacturer Tesla. Even this Apple car will only be like any other electric car that is already on the market.

Apple Car Can 'Kill' Tesla

Impossible Apple Car Can ‘Kill’ Tesla as an Electric Car

Indeed, at this time Apple is still keeping all information about their electric car secret. But this actually seems reasonable because, in recent years, Apple has made Apple’s electric car a top priority project. Therefore, it is only natural that Apple handles every bit of information with great care and that includes technical issues and the possibility of introducing a car made by Apple to come out to the public.

However, can they actually store this information without loopholes? In fact, all of these things did not make Apple successful in preventing all information leaks about Apple cars. Unfortunately, even with the news in the mass media from the end of last year until now we can conclude in 3 notes that indicate the Apple Car is not an evolutionary electric car. This time, mech4cars will discuss these three records in detail.

1. The Apple Car electric car is the same as any other electric car

The public has long known that Apple wants the Apple Car to be a revolutionary product. Rumors are circulating that the Apple Car will use and offer a level 5 autonomous system. Or the Apple Car will be a vehicle that we can drive without human input at all. However, the fact is that until now the Apple Car now looks like it will only stick with the conventional approach.

The conventional approach means that after opening the door, we will only find conditions like most ordinary electric cars. We will find a traditional cabin that has a steering wheel, pedals, and dashboard as well as parts of the front of the car in general.

Apple Car Can 'Kill' Tesla

In other words, Apple doesn’t need to launch a revolutionary product but is simply trying to reinvent the wheel with a self-driving system available exclusively on the road. Even though in the news in the media in the early days of the Apple Car project, this car actually had a tempting image. What gets the most attention is Apple’s car concept which is like a cocoon. The concept that people have really been waiting for because it is very different from other cars in general.

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2. Affordable prices

The note that we can get from leaked Apple Car information is that the price is relatively affordable. Some information provides an explanation that the price Apple will offer will not be too expensive. Some reports estimate the price of the Apple car under USD 100,000.

If this is indeed the approach Apple wants to take, then the car is likely to be less than revolutionary. And those prices will eventually be the same as the entry-level Model S. A surprising because if so it would be almost impossible to ‘kill’ Tesla. Instead of doing this, even competing with Tesla will likely be difficult because Tesla has gone far enough ahead of Apple in matters of electric cars.

3. Introduction of Apple Car Continues Backward

Previous reports on Apple Car development indicated that the iPhone maker plans to launch the vehicle as early as 2025 or 2024.

Apple Car Can 'Kill' Tesla

Due to the company’s constant headwinds, the launch was inevitably pushed back, and it now looks like the Apple Car won’t be introduced in 2026.

Of course, Apple has no reason to rush things, especially considering that this is its first car, and everything has to be perfect. But the bigger problem emerged as features like the severely limited self-driving system, conventional design, and so on, sounded less appealing today, and by the time the Apple Car was ready, the whole approach was a bit out of date.

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