Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) Volvo Cars

Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) Volvo Cars – Decreasing fuel consumption and emissions are 2 of the top-priority ecological objectives at Volvo Cars.

Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) Volvo Cars

Among one of the most promising technologies in this ball is the Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) developed by Volvo Cars and shown at the 2001 Frankfurt Electric motor Show.

In metropolitan driving with its many quits and starts, decelerations, and accelerations, ISG can cut fuel consumption by as long as 20 percent, as well as significantly decreasing emissions.

The ISG unit displayed here’s installed in between the engine and transmission, connected straight to the crankshaft. ISG changes both the beginner electric motor and the generator. Additionally, ISG supplies power in certain running problems, thereby conserving fuel, as not all the power is provided by the engine alone.

The ISG system utilizes 42-volt technology and has a different battery that’s put in the spare wheel bay in the baggage area.

Can be incorporated into any Volvo

There’s no need to develop a brand-new car model or significantly modify a current car – ISG can be incorporated with most of Volvo’s present car models. It’s an extremely affordable system compared to various other solutions designed to benefit the environment, such as complete crossbreed powertrains.

A Volvo with ISG appearances and acts pretty similar to a standard Volvo. One of the most visible distinctions is that the engine quits as quickly as the car comes to a standstill and the much longer periods in-between visits to the gas station…

The engine switches off when the car comes to a standstill

In a car with ISG, the engine switches off totally when the car comes to a standstill, rather than proceeding to use fuel at idling speed – for circumstances when waiting at a traffic light.

When the traffic light transforms green and the chauffeur launches the brake pedal to obtain the car moving, the ISG car starts up immediately and almost noiselessly. ISG supplies the engine with additional power currently the car removes as well as throughout velocity – when the car would certainly or else require an extra part of the fuel to be infused right into the engine.

For the user that owns a good deal in metropolitan traffic, this is clear proof of the ecological benefits of the ISG car. The engine is simply not used when the car isn’t moving.

More alert compared to a traditional car

ISG remains energetic throughout the driving process – for instance, throughout surpassing or at various other times when its power is needed or beneficial.

In certain circumstances, the ISG-equipped car really feels much more alert compared to a matching car with conventional power. For circumstances, you can own at reduced revs in high equipment with maintained reaction and driveability.

The basic concept behind ISG is that the burning engine should work as little and as effectively as feasible in purchase to cut fuel consumption and decrease tire emissions.

The battery gets free power

When you remove your foot from the accelerator pedal to decrease, the ahead movement of the car powers the ISG unit, which in transform recharges the 42-volt battery with free power.

ISG is much more efficient compared to a traditional generator and this also adds to the reduced fuel consumption.

It also means that systems such as power guiding and air conditioning, which in present-day cars are powered by the burning engine, can rather be powered by electrical power.

The air-conditioning system thus proceeds to remain energetic also when the engine switches off. This is an advantage that many of Volvo’s rivals cannot offer in their own ISG jobs.

Additional benefits from 42-volt electrics

Along with powering the ISG system, 42-volt technology provides various other benefits. The greater voltage means that the new technologies that are being used on an enhancing range in cars, through advanced safety and information systems, for instance, have a more secure present provide.

Additionally, it will be feasible to incorporate much more electrically powered comfort-enhancing features. How about a cup-holder that cools your soft drink – or maintains your coffee warm? All this is feasible with 42-volt technology. Development by Volvo and the FMC is currently in progress.

ISG essentially


The engine turns off rather than idling – which means no fuel consumption and emissions when the car is stalling.

…and go

Fast begin with reduced emissions, combined with a risk-free liftoff.

The beginning is also quieter.


Offers convenience and driveability also when driving at reduced revs in high equipment, which conserves fuel.

Power assistance

The ISG unit includes extra power when it’s needed – without additional fuel. This reduces consumption as well as emissions.

Electrical power generation

The ISG generates electrical power better compared to a regular generator. Throughout slow-down, “free” power is recuperated and kept in the 42-volt battery.

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