Let’s Learn The Aiways U6 Concept

Let’s Learn The Aiways U6 Concept – They are a Chinese mobility start-up, founded in 2017. Their team brings together a wide range of characters with many different backgrounds. Knowledgeable and experienced professionals from the era of internal combustion engines are joined by innovation-driven newcomers to the mobility sector.

UPDATE: 08/04/2022

With our headquarters in the Chinese city of Shanghai and our European headquarters in Munich, our aim is always to question ourselves, our products, and our partners – time and again. In this regard, we focus on long-term, sustainable benefits for our customers, without losing sight of the need for flexible implementation.

Let’s Learn The Aiways U6 Concept

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Its DNA: athletic, progressive, electric. The Aiways U6 concept car breaks with old traditions and symbolizes what is required from a fully electric sports SUV in the 21st century.

This SUV is defined by its coupe-esque contours, sporty driving dynamics and innovative technologies and advanced driver assistance systems.

Built on the same state-of-the-art platform as the U5, the U6 combines proven features such as unprecedented interior design quality, spaciousness and cutting-edge battery technology with progressive design and an even higher level of performance.

The Power of Electricity Harnessed

The U6 is the epitome of electrifying sportiness. The interior of the U6 is tailored to the driver’s needs and combines ergonomics and sportiness with sophisticated materials in a completely new way.

Dynamism, moulded into shape.

The U6 features sharp lines and powerful details. It all starts with the sporty front with special air vents (air curtain), as well as 21″ performance wheels in widened wheel housings.

The all-glass roof dome seamlessly merges into a coupe rear with integrated spoiler. The entire body is made of lightweight materials to optimise consumption and also comes with recessed door handles. As such, the drag coefficient comes in at below 0.27, making the U6 the best in its class.

The signature L-shaped tail lamps form part of the LED lighting system, which is used for all headlamps.

Learn The Aiways U6 Concept


Cyber meets space

The U6 leaves nothing to be desired for anyone who leads an active lifestyle, as the interior is also geared towards quality and performance.

Learn The Aiways U6 Concept

The dashboard, with its 7″ instrument panel and a 14.6″ multimedia system, is fully digitalised. The leather sports seats are not only comfortable, but also provide the necessary support – even on the back seat.

Extra gadgets like an integrated electric scooter and a drone extend the fun beyond the vehicle. The central feature, however, is the built-in voice assistant, which provides you with intelligent support throughout the journey.

Aiways U6 Specifications

Aiways uses the MAS (More Adaptable Structure) platform on the U5 to U6. According to a report from hz.auto.sina.com.cn, the U6 will use the ‘AP4000’ electric motor. Motor for the U6 they developed independently. As a result, the motor for the U6 produces 160 kW (214 bhp) and 315 Nm (232 Lb.-Ft.) of torque. With the ability of such a motor, the U6 will be able to accelerate from 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in less than 7 seconds. Until now, there has been no news about the energy content of the battery pack they will install in the U6. However, its range, as per this report, will be 650 km (404 miles). This value assumption is based on the NEDC metric.

When Always sent the U6 to China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) for approval prior to its domestic launch, more specifications surfaced online. According to MIIT data, the U6 measures 4,805 mm in length, 1,880 mm in width and 1,641 mm in height, and has a wheelbase of 2,800 mm. The new revelation on the performance front is the EV’s top speed – 160 km/h.

Aiways U6 Specification

No.AspectAiways U6 Specification
1.Length 4,805 mm
2.Width 1,880 mm
3.Height 1,641 mm
4.Wheelbase 2,800 mm
5.Front Track 1,594 mm
6.Rear Track 1,594 mm
7.Front Overhang 988 mm
8.Rear Overhang 1,017 mm
9.Approach Angle 15°
10.Departure Angle 24°
11.Tyre Size 235/45 R20
12.Kerb Weight 1,820 kg
13.Gross Weight 2,195 kg
14.Motor Power 160 kW (218 PS/214 bhp)
15.Top Speed 160 km/h (99 mph)
Aiways U6 Specification and Aspects

Aiways U6 release date

At Auto Shanghai Cin 2021, the Aiways U6 Cross-coupe celebrated its debut. The event takes place in April 2021. Most recently, U6 underwent a three-month winter testing program in China’s Inner Mongolia. We can say that the test results were successful. Aiways successfully tested the U6’s strength, charging, transmission, power, suspension, braking and other aspects. The company conducted this test in extreme cold weather for three consecutive months.

It’s interesting to see, Aiways launched the U6 roadshow with a near-production concept called U6ion on March 2, 2022 in Europe. The U6 Roadshow starts in Belgium first. U6 will then be in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and other European countries.

Actually, the U6 will launch last year simultaneously in Europe and China. However, for a number of reasons, this launch failed. It seems, the launch will not be long this year, it could be a few months and China is the first place to overtake Europe.

Aiways U6 Chinese Electric SUV Winter Test

According to Aiways, they tested the U6 for the third month in a row. They conducted this test in Inner Mongolia, China. For us to know, Aiways U6 has passed various tests. Aiways tested a variety of systems, including power, steering, charging, braking, transmission, suspension and more. The company states that the Aiways U6 successfully passed all extreme tests and ensured its safety, reliability and comfort.

Learn The Aiways U6 Concept

One thing we should regret is that Aiways didn’t mention the winter test temperatures. The trend of sharing impressive temperature figures is becoming very popular among Chinese automakers. Even funnier is how the Chinese automaker is “lowering the temperature” in Inner Mongolia. The Avatr 11 tested there at minus 30 degrees Celsius, the HiPhi Z at minus 35, and the Niutron NV is said to have been tested at minus 40. But Aiways kept the temperature a secret. Is it lower or higher than the three vehicles? We don’t know yet.

Upcoming all-new Aiways U6 SUV-Coupe completes intensive last engineering test (Source: Aiways)

Learn The Aiways U6 Concept

  • 15,000-kilometer battery-electric drive in harsh winter testing
  • Aiways completes three months of grueling winter testing to perfect the new U6 SUV-Coupé in Heihe in the region of Heilongjiang
  • 15,000-kilometer battery-electric journey in temperatures below minus 30 degrees Celsius
  • Ride and handling honed on challenging high-altitude alpine routes and low-traction conditions
  • Aiways U6 SUV-Coupé to launch across Europe later this year

Source: AutohomeAiways.

Price of Aiways U6

If we look at the success of the U5, Aiways is very likely to use a lease-only model for the U6. We recall that the U5 had a rental price of less than 400 EUR/month when their ad appeared in mid 2020. The rental price puts the U5 on par with an electric SUV priced at 35,000 EUR.

New Aiways Investments & board restructuring

The Chinese report said that Aiways had received hundreds of millions of dollars in new investment from longtime shareholder Chen Xuanlin and his company Dongbai Industrial Group. With the new investment, the company’s board has restructured. Chen Xuanlin has joined as Chairman and Zhang Yang, former Vice President of NIO, is now CEO.

According to a Reuters report, the company previously received investment from ride-hailing giant Didi Chuxing and battery maker CATL, although the amount of this investment appears to be a secret to the public.

FAQs Aiways U6

Here are some of the questions you might be asking about the upcoming Aiways U6. Although not a definite answer, but from various sources, the possibilities in the following questions and answers are close.

What Date Will Aiways U6 Release?

Aiways U6 will most likely start selling from the Chinese manufacturer in June 2022. A few weeks or months, it will very likely be landing in Europe soon. Although it’s not clear yet, it looks like it’s unlikely that they will do it again like it was in 2021.

How much does the Aiways U6 cost?

In this case we will assume first. If similar to U5, Aiways U6 should only be available for leasing, around 400 EUR/month. This value is equivalent to the price of an electric SUV in its class which has a price of no less than 35K EUR.

What EVs Are Aiways U6 Competitors For?

The first EVs that came to the public and began to be sold outside were the VW ID.5 and the Soda Enyaq Coupe. These two cars are clearly the main rivals of the Aiways U6. However, for the coming year it seems that the two EVs will not be the only ones. The world’s automotive companies are starting to move towards delivering electric SUVs as fast as they can.

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