Magna Prepares Self-Driving Cars

Magna Prepares Self-Driving Cars– MAX4 gives Magna a competitive advantage over automotive technology suppliers. Building on its long legacy of driver-assistance systems, Magna propelled itself into the self-driving car race with its new MAX4 fully autonomous driving platform that can be integrated into any vehicle without compromising interior or exterior design.

Magna Prepares Self-Driving Cars

Showcasing the breadth of Magna’s capabilities, the MAX4 platform stands out from the competition. This is because Magna makes it virtually invisible on the automaker’s existing and future platforms, including hybrid and electric vehicles. This enables autonomous driving capabilities up to Level 4 in congested urban and highway environments. As an added bonus, this platform does not sacrifice rear cargo space or passenger comfort in the main cabin.

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Magna Prepares Self-Driving Cars

By integrating self-driving components into the car body, the MAX4 gives Magna a competitive advantage among automotive technology suppliers.

Our focus is on developing production-ready solutions that offer flexibility to integrate and the framework to enable Level 4 technology for when the market is ready. – Swamy Kotagiri, Magna’s Chief Technology Officer

Other autonomous sensor systems can make the vehicle look like a science experiment. This is because they rely on a large LiDAR sensor that rotates above the roof of the vehicle. With the MAX4, the camera, RADAR, LiDAR, and ultrasonic sensors are seamlessly integrated into the car body. One of them is in places like bumpers. The MAX4 demonstration vehicle is a red Jeep Grand Cherokee. The car looks no different from the conventional SUVs seen on the streets today.

The Magna system is simple inside and out.

The company named the MAX4 for Level 4 automation. They designed the MAX4 so that drivers can enable or disable autonomous driving functions in an intuitive and familiar way in just seconds. Magna includes user interface options such as cruise control. The interface is able to control the system simply by pressing a button. The illuminated screen indicates the vehicle is in autonomous mode. And then the driver can release the mode via the brake pedal or emergency button.

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Magna Prepares Self-Driving Cars

Level 4 automation allows the vehicle to operate for most of the trip without driver input. The driver only does the destination setting or navigation requirements. Most of the autonomous vehicles on the road today require active monitoring by the driver.

Magna has been committed to advancing vehicle automation since the early 2000s. This is in an effort to avoid and eliminate motor vehicle-related deaths and prevent accidents.

The company recently showcased Level 3 autonomous capabilities with a 300-mile test drive. The vehicle is the first to cross the international border between the US and Canada. Vehicles drove autonomously for 92 percent of historic trips.

The company’s long list of production vehicles is now complete with some of Magna’s building blocks for self-driving cars. One of them includes emergency braking. Among them are the 2016 Chevrolet Volt, the 2017 Cadillac ATS, and the Mazda 6.

With the MAX4, Magna is ready to take the lead and provide solutions to market needs. In addition, Magna also provides the latest and best self-driving technology.

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