Main Problems Toyota Corolla Hybrid – Until the Latest

Main Problems Toyota Corolla Hybrid – Until the Latest – In terms of car selection, people will have many considerations. Obviously, the first consideration is the issue of money. This is the main thing. After that, only technical matters or their relation to the environment. Talking about vehicles, hybrid cars are now an option that you can’t ignore. Choosing a Toyota Corolla hybrid is one of them. But, before deciding, first, read this article for information that you may not know about the main problems of the Toyota Corolla hybrid.

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Do you know the main problem with the Toyota Corolla Hybrid that owners of this vehicle often experience? We will look at these problems one by one. Not only mention, but we will describe the problems one by one and we try to give you related problems. It is important for you to know that we try to present from the simplest things and of course the latest.

Main Problems Toyota Corolla Hybrid

Main Problems Toyota Corolla Hybrid

For the questions we conveyed above, we try to answer briefly first. The Toyota Corolla Hybrid has major problems with stability control and brake assist systems. These two problems are in the category of very important problems because they can lead to accidents and vehicle collisions. Rear seat belt malfunction is another matter. Interestingly, the combination of the three problems above occurs in the 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid. Meanwhile, for the latest year, 2022, the problem for the Toyota Corolla Hybrid lies in Remote Connect. This part may not function properly. Even for this year’s output, some had problems with the door handles on the side of the steering wheel. This is included in the interior.

The description above is the answer that we can convey briefly and simply. For a more detailed explanation of the problem, I will describe it below. The description later will include identification, repair, and estimated costs that you need to prepare for the problem in question.

1. Stability Control System and Brake Assist System Problems

Main Problems Toyota Corolla Hybrid

Main Problems Toyota Corolla Hybrid first is a problem with the stability control system and brake assist system. This issue is important because it can lead to serious accidents which can lead to the death of course.

Toyota takes the matter seriously. In fact, Toyota made two recalls for the 2020 Corolla Hybrid model. The first recall was to correct the loss of stability control and brake assist. Stability control uses several components of the ABS and Traction Control system. The purpose of this system is to prevent the vehicle from slipping. Meanwhile, brake assist helps to fully activate the brakes in an emergency.

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As the main purpose of these two systems, if the system is damaged then the probability of slipping increases. In addition, the braking system may suddenly brake on its own until stopping becomes difficult. As a result, all of this makes collisions and injuries more likely and possibly even death. What exactly is the problem? The problem lies in the brake booster pump malfunction. A booster pump not working properly can result in a loss of stability control and brake assist.

The solution is that you have to replace the Toyota Corolla 2020 booster pump with a new one. If the problem occurs during the warranty period, the Toyota dealer will most likely replace it free of charge. However, if your damage occurs during the warranty period, then you must replace the booster pump yourself. We estimate the replacement price and cost to be $300 to $1250. This will be even greater if the problem extends to the module as well as other brake system repairs.

2. Rear Seat Belt Not Working

Main Problems Toyota Corolla Hybrid

The main problem with the second Toyota Corolla Hybrid is that the rear seat belts don’t work properly. This happened to the 2020 Corolla Hybrid. Even Toyota made a recall to deal with this problem. Although not much has happened, for customer satisfaction, Toyota continues to make recalls on cars that have problems. Toyota is free to replace this seat belt with a new one.

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We later learned that the rear seat belt problem was not working due to the sensor locking mechanism. The rear seat belt has a locking issue due to the seat belt webbing sensor locking mechanism. This mechanism does not work and will not lock the way it should work.

What are the consequences if the seat belt does not function properly? If the seat belt cannot function properly then in the event of an accident, the seat belt will not hold the passenger. This situation can increase the risk of serious injury to the rear passenger.

3. Driver Side Door Handle Problem

Main Problems Toyota Corolla Hybrid

The main problem with the third Toyota Corolla Hybrid is the problem with the door handle on the driver’s side. The case was even registered with NHTSA in the form of a customer complaint (complaint).

In the complaint, the complainant stated that the handle was too large, hard, and sharp. These dimensions and facts, according to the complainant, can cause bruising and pain in the leg that rests on it. Consumers also stated that their friends faced similar problems in the 2022 Corolla Hybrid model. Interestingly, Toyota did not respond to this one problem.

Then what is the solution? Actually, this is not such an important issue. This issue is a matter of convenience only so you can judge it personally. Before you choose to buy a Toyota Corolla Hybrid, you should check the cabin and seats. You can consider door handles before buying this Corolla 2022 Hybrid. If you feel comfortable and have no problem, it means it can be a good choice for you. But, if not then there is another solution. You can give a coating on the part. The problem is this requires a fairly expensive fee, which is around $2500. Maybe for a regular product, it will be a little cheaper.

4. Remote Connect not Working Properly

Main Problems Toyota Corolla Hybrid
Image source: Downeast Toyota

The next problem with the Toyota Corolla Hybrid is that the Remote Connect doesn’t work. This is an essential application for the Toyota Corolla Hybrid. This application is a remote connection application. What is the problem with this remote connect application?

In general, the problem is that the application does not receive the activation code and an error when executing the command. This falls under the category of general inability to perform application functions. Is this dangerous? In fact, this does not endanger the owner of the vehicle. However, it is still a problem and prevents consumers from taking advantage of all the available features.

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For this one problem, the solution is to reset DCM and update the firmware. However, if the problem is not resolved, Toyota recommends removing the battery for thirty minutes to reset the DCM. Sometimes the main problem turns out to be the compatibility of the customer’s phone and apps. this is not related to damage to hardware components and the like. Therefore, Toyota did not make any compensation regarding this matter. For you, please come to a Toyota dealer to get service related to this problem. And in general, this problem can be solved without having to replace any parts.


The Toyota Corolla Hybrid is one of the most reliable vehicles in its class. The new Corolla Hybrid was born in 2020 and this year is the third year of the Corolla Hybrid. The 2020 Corolla Hybrid has problems with the rear seat belt, stability control, and braking system. The lighter issue is the 2021 release which is Remote Connect and this is very easy to solve. Meanwhile, for 2022 there are complaints about the size and placement of the driver’s side door handles, though this is just a matter of perspective in our opinion.

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