Main Reasons Porsche Rely On Metaverse, Virtual Influencers, and NFT

Main Reasons Porsche Rely On Metaverse, Virtual Influencers, and NFT – Many are still unfamiliar with virtual influencers and even in many countries. Meanwhile, Asia – particularly in China -, has created and animated avatars on computers. It has even become a multi-million dollar industry. One research company in China, namely iiMedia, estimates that the turnover of virtual influencers last year reached 860 million euros. From the predictions of the researchers, this value will increase in the coming years.

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Main Reasons Porsche Rely On Metaverse, Virtual Influencers, and NFT

Main Reasons Porsche Rely On Metaverse
Main Reasons Porsche Rely On Metaverse – Image source: Youtube

Xia Bing is a tech research co-founder and co-founder of iMaker. He said that the 14- to the 28-year-old age group is particularly attracted to virtual influencers and consumes related content the most intensively. In China, many companies are already making money with virtual influencers. One of the most successful products today is Ayayi. She is a hyper-realistic figure of a young city woman who advertises fashion labels such as Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga on her social media accounts.

Then what about Porsche that entered the world of this metaverse? We will try to investigate it further.

Porsche Customer Age in China

There is something interesting about China. Still related to Ayayi who is an important part of the development of the virtual world in China, he posed in front of the Porsche Taycan. It could be that this is just a normal photo that doesn’t contain any advertising content at all. The photo upload in December 2021 tends to be a friendly greeting to Stuttgart. This is because in October last year, Porsche announced its ownership of iMaker. It’s a bold move from Porsche to enter a digital world that doesn’t even have anything to do with cars.

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But that is the opinion of us who don’t know more about the digital world, right? Ostin Gong is the person in charge of Porsche Digital China. And for that, he knows the answer to that. “From a brand and marketing perspective, there is huge and immediate potential for Porsche,” said Gong. Virtual avatars and influencers have played an important role in customer contact in China. Obviously, it mainly contacts customers in the Gen Z category.

As such, it is very relevant to Porsche. The average age of a Porsche customer in China is 35 years. With its avatars, as well as virtual figures, iMaker targets the Gen-Z sweet spot. Gong also confirmed this. These conditions can help Porsche to create “a very engaging and immersive brand experience”.

Porsche and other brands, with their cars in the future, will offer more room for such experiences. Because with increasing autonomy, the function of the car changes from a pure means of transportation to a “third place”. Apart from home and work, most of digital life will take place there in the future.

Get a Virtual Karaoke Party on 911?

How a car like the 911 will develop later. In car applications, currently, most of them already have language assistant-based capabilities, with image-based and interactive content. Later, the application will be able to help users navigate, find restaurants, check road conditions or play music. It will even be very possible to be present in the form of entertainment media. It can be like a “virtual karaoke party”. For the latter, this application is still in the development stage.

Porsche actually intends to use the avatar in the future. In a way, this is a classic influencer activity as part of a marketing campaign. In addition, it is quite possible to use the avatar as a virtual host for Porsche events and at auto shows or as a virtual sales advisor at a dealership. But this is all just until the initial approach and idea.

911, NFT and Digital “Dream Garage”

Main Reasons Porsche Rely On Metaverse
Main Reasons Porsche Rely On Metaverse – 911 Digital Dream Garage. Image source: Twitter

Porsche’s entry into the world of the Metaverse seems more real than the rest. This is not something that appears suddenly. Because indeed Porsche’s investment in iMaker was completed in 2020. A strategic participation that is “not just about avatars, but about digital assets or digital content and the underlying technology”. In other words NFT is the main character in the metaverse.

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At Metaverse, car brands can provide a variety of digital content and product forms. Customers can buy brand-style digital goods. Anything that includes houses, exclusive furniture, and clothes, for example. Therefore, such items can also include virtual vehicles such as the 911. With different economic conditions, not all young people can afford to buy a real 911. But in the Metaverse, young people can own the car and the garage of their dreams.

China is one of the targets for Porsche’s digital market. To that end, Porsche’s entry into the world of virtual influencers, avatars, and the metaverse is for two reasons. First, sports car manufacturers don’t want to lose access to future buyers. And secondly, because the average age in China is about 20 years younger and this is a potential market for Porsche. Apart from that, there is actually one more thing that is starting to make a lot of money now through digital goods.

Cars Should Provide a Better Experience Than Smartphones

But digitization is also changing the expectations of Porsche’s core products. Over the decades, claims related to cars have been quite “fixed”. It’s more or less about design, horsepower, speed, comfort and price. But digitization has radically changed customer requirements. With today’s digital world, cars are no longer just a tool to get people from A to B. They have become a place where people expect more interactive and immersive digital experiences than smartphones.

Interestingly, this seems to be much closer in China than it is in the United States and Europe. In China this is becoming a very important item now. That’s why developments there also determine the direction in which the sports car group should move. Porsche has always tried not to just create something that people need. But also what they dream of course.

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