Making 4 Cylinders Faster, What’s the Right Way?

Making 4 Cylinders Faster, What’s the Right Way? – Not everyone wants the standard conditions of a car. Some people want something different and that can be abnormal. One of them is to make a 4-cylinder engine faster than usual and in a short time. Then, you are wondering how to make 4 cylinders faster than standard conditions and change your daily driving experience. We try to provide answers to your questions, but let’s start by discussing again what a 4-cylinder engine is.

What Does a 4 Cylinder Engine Actually Look Like?

People are usually the easiest to distinguish a car engine from the number of cylinders. We can categorize variations in the number of cylinders into 3-cylinder, 4-cylinder, 5-cylinder, and 6-cylinder engines up to 12 or more cylinders. Obviously the more cylinders in an engine the stronger the power and of course the acceleration. But that’s not all, the more cylinders will certainly impact the value of the car itself, and the more cylinders the price will probably be more expensive.

Making 4 Cylinders Faster

What about the 4 cylinder engine itself? The 4-cylinder engine is a car engine whose power comes from the operation of the 4-cylinders. What is the cylinder’s role in that? The cylinder plays a role in accommodating the combustion which pushes the piston down so it can start the engine. The piston rises again while the other piston rotates the shaft alternately in pairs. Usually, pistons 2 and 3 will rise together while pistons 1 and 4 move down. And it will continue as long as the engine is running.

The 4-cylinder engine composition is divided into three, namely V4, inline-4, and flat four or boxer engine. So far, of the three 4-cylinder engine configurations, the most popular is the inline-4. Why? This is because the inline-4 has a much better mechanical balance than other 4-cylinder engine configurations.

We can find 4-cylinder inline-4s in most cars today. Meanwhile, we can find flat 4-cylinder engines in Subaru and Porsche cars. Usually, we refer to this engine as a boxer engine. This designation is due to the way the piston rises and falls in the cylinder. The piston is like doing a straight punch like a boxer.

The one that we rarely encounter today is the V4 engine. With a V4 engine that means we need two cylinder heads for each of the two cylinders. This is expensive to make. In addition, it also needs two exhausts during operation. Currently, there are more V4 engines in two-wheeled vehicles than in cars.

How to Make 4 Cylinders Faster

Then how do you make 4 cylinders faster than standard conditions? Not many people know about this. So, you are lucky while reading this article. Because I will try to explain how to make 4 cylinders faster than the factory settings.

To get maximum results in making 4 cylinders faster, there are at least the following 6 steps that you have to do well. Here are the 6 steps.

1. Take good care of the car

This first step may seem too obvious for us to say. However, the reality is that many vehicle owners ignore proper maintenance procedures. The best way to perform maintenance on a car is to follow the instructions in the manual.

The owner’s manual will contain all the information you need to know about the vehicle. It will detail when changing the oil, aligning the wheels, checking the brake pads, and more. To get maximum results, you must also adhere to the following maintenance schedule and procedures.

Making 4 Cylinders Faster
I recommend checking and changing your car’s engine oil every 3,500-4,000 km. Or at least you refer to the owner’s manual for optimal oil treatment times. You should also check the fuel and air filters from time to time to make sure they are in top condition. As a note, the distance values ​​that I give are based on experience and considering the quality of oil on the market, sometimes it doesn’t match reality. So, to anticipate it I took that distance.

2. Install an Air Filter that Supports Fresh Air Entering the Engine

The four-cylinder engine in the car is equal to other engines in terms of power output. To obtain power, the 4-cylinder engine also compresses air and fuel, then ignites them. The compression rating in your engine will produce more power if there is a greater flow of air to mix with the fuel. But this does not mean the ratio of fuel and air is leaner or richer.

Making 4 Cylinders Faster

For that, we need a new air filter that allows cold air to enter the combustion chamber. Thus, you mean that you have to remove the intake manifold and air box that surrounds the car’s air filter first. You must choose a replacement that can increase the amount of air entering the engine. Many aftermarket cold air inlets have a cone air filter package. This effectively draws outside air into your engine.

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When the amount of air entering the engine is more, this also means increasing fuel mileage. Hence, it gives you huge savings in the long run. However, most aftermarket imports tend to make a loud sound while the engine is running. And this is their only drawback as standard air ducts and air filter packs are usually much quieter.

3. Replace Your Car Muffler

Making 4 Cylinders Faster
Red ferrari car on the street.

In the process, every combustion process in the combustion chamber will produce combustion residual gas. The engine receives a mixture of air and fuel, ignites it, then pushes the piston down. The cylinder chamber then acts as a birthplace for exhaust gases after an explosion occurs at the Business Step.

For this reason, we should consider removing and cleaning the exhaust gas from the cylinder chamber before the new air and fuel enter the engine more efficiently. Thus, it needs a better exhaust channel than the standard conditions of the engine manufacturer. You can opt for a catalytic converter, also what we know as a “cat-back” exhaust.

But not only exhaust “cat-back” that you can use. You can also choose or design your own muffler which is capable of removing exhaust gases much better than the manufacturer’s standard conditions. In this case, your creativity is at stake considering that it is very possible for you to make your own exhaust. The better the exhaust design in terms of exhaust gas distribution, the better the results. This will make your 4 cylinder engine faster.

4. Reprogram ECU

How to make a 4-cylinder engine faster requires other skills besides what we have discussed in the third step above. In this case, you need to understand something else, reprogramming or resetting your car’s computer is the next step. But this is only for modern cars that already use computers or we know them as ECUs. The ECU is the engine data center for a car. He becomes the controller of all activities that occur in a car. Manufacturers program these computers and connect them to all major auto parts to balance emissions, reliability, power output, performance, and fuel mileage.

To make a 4-cylinder engine car go faster, you can reprogram the computer to prioritize power. This way, your car’s engine will get more horsepower without the need to install anything else on the vehicle.

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If you can’t afford to do it and also the tools to reprogram aren’t cheap, I think getting someone else in your area to do it isn’t bad either. The prices they offer usually vary. It also depends on the type of car and the type of computer in your car. The more expensive your car, usually the more expensive the services to reprogram your car’s computer.

5. Replace the Throttle Body with a New One

Modern cars have replaced the carburetor system with a fuel injection system in gasoline cars. With this change, the manufacturer must provide another device and one of them is the throttle body. Your car’s throttle body is the part where the air intake meets the engine. The throttle body will direct air directly into the intake manifold. This means that the amount of air entering the engine also depends on the diameter of the hole in the throttle body. So installing a new throttle body on your car with a larger diameter it will allow more air to enter your car’s engine. This will provide more power of course.

Most throttle bodies will be attached by four bolts. The throttle body also requires a gasket during installation. So if we replace a new throttle body then we need to also provide a new gasket and place it between the intake manifold and the throttle body. As a side note, technically speaking, we usually measure throttle bodies in millimeters.

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That means if you replace the 65mm throttle body with a 75mm throttle body, you will get a significantly increased amount of air entering the engine. You can also buy a larger diameter throttle body. Throttle bodies will be available at your local auto supply store. Please note that you will need to purchase a throttle body specifically designed for your year, vehicle type, and model.

6. Replace the Camshaft with a New One

This is our final step, namely replacing the old camshaft with a new one. The camshaft is the part of the engine that closes and opens the intake and exhaust valves. This allows fuel and air to enter the engine. The stock camshaft in your car was originally designed with power, performance, emissions, and fuel economy in mind.

Making 4 Cylinders Faster

One prime example of this is the Honda V-Tech. It has variable cam timing but the camshaft can easily be replaced if the owner wants a more specialized application. There is also a pusher with a camshaft located inside the engine block, while the modular engine places it in the engine’s cylinder head.

This method will usually affect the use of valve springs. To replace a new camshaft, you should consult an expert. If not, at least you have sufficient knowledge and technical ability to replace it yourself. It has to do with valve opening. So that if the valve opening is too wide, it can actually make the valve collide with the piston when the engine is running.

Completing How to Make 4 Cylinders Faster

In today’s world and amidst the development of modern technology and advances in transportation and engineering, automakers have finally come up with one of the most versatile vehicle components. This is an inline four-cylinder engine. The type of engine that any automotive manufacturer uses a lot to present four-wheeled vehicles.
However, there are still vehicle owners who are not satisfied with the performance of the 4-cylinder engine, of course.

However, for those who are not satisfied with it all, there are ways for you to increase the power and performance of the 4-cylinder engine. Not only will you take your car to the next level, but you can also learn new things about your car. I’ve listed some of the improvements and changes you can make to your ride. We hope this information on how to make a 4 cylinder faster is useful to you in any future projects.

Again, everything we’ve discussed so far is far from perfect. There are still lots of things you can do to make your 4 cylinder go faster. The 6 steps above are the most common we can all do. Going beyond that, it’s going to take a little research and some expertise to do well.

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