Metaverse Automotive in Audi and McLaren

Metaverse Automotive in Audi and McLaren – The impact of the popularity of the metaverse has even spread to the automotive industry. Of course, the car industry was the first to be affected. This time we’ll take a look at how Audi and McLaren leverage the metaverse in their vehicles.

Metaverse Automotive in Audi and McLaren

Metaverse Automotive in Audi
Audi vs McLaren in Metaverse.

Audi will become the world’s first automaker to deliver virtual reality (VR) in-car entertainment. It teamed up with a Holoride startup to build the metaverse into series production. Starting in June this year, rear-seat Audi passengers can use VR glasses. Thus, rear passengers will have an immersive experience of playing games, movies, and other interactive content.

Audi says virtual content adapts to real-time driving motions. Service is available in models with the latest upgrade of the modular infotainment toolkit. They named this modular MIB 3. At a recent technology show, Audi gave visitors a glimpse of what it’s like to use holoride in a moving vehicle.

Traveling with Audi’s Multimodal

Audi’s idea actually implies that Audi wants to be a stigma from a boring trip to a meaningful trip that is fun. Even Audi says the VR experience will turn a car ride into a ‘multimodal game show’. Holoride technology synchronizes up to the car’s real-time driving motion. For example, if a passenger is playing a game involving a spaceship and the car is accelerating, then the spaceship will also experience acceleration.

Virtual and extended reality technologies are getting closer to real commercialization. Munich-based Holoride wanted to create something they called ‘elastic’ content. One that can adapt to the driving motion. Last year, the young company raised €10 million in a series A funding round and went on to land a €30 million price tag.

Metaverse Automotive in Audi
Through MIB 3, Audi tries to incorporate its infotainment system into the metaverse.

The startup has also launched its own cryptocurrency to ‘charge’ its content. It is a token that connects car manufacturers, content creators, brands and passengers. They call it the new experience economy in the vehicle. Holoride first debuted at CES 2019, and VR continues to make headlines at tech shows this year.

VR Adjust Movement

The first Audi models to benefit from the holoride service include the Audi A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, Audi Q5, Q7, Q8, Audi e-tron and Audi e-tron GT quattro. This means the car that Audi is equipping with the third generation is a modular infotainment device. The service will roll out in Germany, the UK and the US. Next Audi will launch this service in Europe, Canada, Japan, and China. To use the VR service, users will need a special headset that can connect to the vehicle wirelessly via Bluetooth Low Energy.

“In the future, progressive automation of car travel will not only enable new forms of entertainment while driving – it will also open up greater opportunities for learning and working on the road,” said Audi. “When drivers no longer have to concentrate on driving in the future, they can turn their attention to something else – work, reading, watching movies or playing games.”

Audi adds that ‘travel adapts to motion’ can also reduce motion sickness. With the condition of passengers doing fun activities through the metaverse, it will be easier for passengers to avoid motion sickness.

Metaverse in McLaren

There is no denying that VR is becoming a new tool for car manufacturers. VR is becoming a sales tool looking to move this service from showrooms to vehicles. Meanwhile, AR (augmented reality) helps automakers stand out from the rest. By standing above VR and AR, the automotive world has entered the metaverse.

The concept of metaverse describes a shared virtual world through virtual or augmented reality. A more real virtual world. This time it’s the turn of British luxury car manufacturer McLaren to try to take advantage of the metaverse in their vehicles. McLaren recently teamed up with its first metaverse partner, InfiniteWorld, to provide customers with an even more immersive digital experience.

Metaverse Automotive in Audi
Mclaren enters NFT and Metaverse

The partnership includes the creation of a native non-fungible token (NFT) to represent McLaren’s supercars and hypercars. The automaker says the NFT will be available in the McLaren market and will offer ‘unique benefits’ such as access to exclusive buyer-only experiences.

“Our decision to choose InfiniteWorld to partner with entering the metaverse is the next step in our digital Web3 journey,” said Gareth Dunsmore. He is the chief marketing officer at McLaren.

“It is increasingly in demand by our customers and fans. This exciting new partnership will leverage InfiniteWorld’s expertise. Namely to create and offer a variety of digital content in the McLaren market. This partnership aims to push boundaries and enhance the experience. The characteristics are synonymous with the McLaren brand in everything we do.”

Other automakers are also interested in offering their products through the metaverse. At CES 2022, Hyundai unveiled its metamobility concept to pioneer the metaverse connection of smart devices.

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