Porsche 911 Electric Using Solid-state Battery In Process

Porsche 911 Electric Using Solid-state Battery – Who does not know the Porsche 911 super car? Everyone knows of course even ‘little kids know too’. Well, Porsche wants to turn the Porsche 911 into an electric sports car. No half-hearted, Porsche wants to power the Porsche 911 litrik with a solid-state battery. This is not just a plan. However, Porsche is working on the car. The news is based on a recent report from the Manager of German publications Magazin (via Ecomento).

Some reports say that electric sports cars will come to our midst by the end of this decade. However, it is not clear whether the final form is a one-off or whether Porsche has prepared it carefully. It means the development process under research and product development.

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Porsche 911 Electric Using Solid-state Battery in Process

Porsche 911 Electric Using Solid-state Battery
Porsche 911 GTS Coupe 2022. Source: greencarreports

What is the prediction of the possibility of an electric Porsche 911 coming at the end of this decade? If you remember, Porsche’s parent Volkswagen has long been an investor in solid-state battery company QuantumScape. And VW has previously said it sees solid-state technology arriving late in the decade. A technology that can charge 80% in just 12 minutes. Well this is what is likely to be the first technology from the collaboration and they will put it on the 911.

Solid-state cell technology can offer increased security, claim the companies developing the technology. Recent Department of Energy research suggests that may not always be the case.

Solid-state batteries get their name from their solid electrolytes. According to its proponents it is less susceptible to damage and overheating than liquid electrolytes. For us to know, electric and hybrid cars currently use conventional lithium-ion cells. However, recent studies have found that solid electrolytes can still fail under certain circumstances, such as when a battery is crushed, punctured, or when the pressure build-up causes a reaction between the internal oxygen and lithium. In this case, DOE’s Sandia National Laboratory conducted the research carefully.

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Sort of unconcerned, with the results of that research, some automakers have shown great interest in solid-state batteries. This is clear considering every product has its drawbacks. And solid-state technology – even so – is still better than existing battery technology to date.

Toyota plans to first use solid-state technology in a hybrid—perhaps the next Prius—around the middle of the decade. But the regenerative braking and discharge demands are likely much heavier for a sports car like the 911 than it is for the Prius.

Nissan also recently announced its plans to use solid-state cells starting around 2028. BMW and Ford have invested in startup Solid Power, while Hyundai, Stellantis, and Mercedes-Benz have backed Factorial Energy.

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